Fortnite Chapter 3 S2: Easy location guide to finding Choppas!

Fortnite Chapter 3 S2

If you are looking for the location of the Choppas within Fortnite Chapter 3 S2, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will talk in detail about the new addition to the game, a complete guide and where you can find them.

Choppas in Fortnite Chapter 3 S2

Fortnite when it was initially released, the concept of vehicles was not a thing. It is only after Season 4 of Chapter 1 that the developers started adding vehicles as a mode of transport in the game. As you see, the map of the game is vast and in every battle royale game, the variation of vehicles not only works as a mode of transportation but also works as a tactical advantage for the players. Thus the addition of vehicles in the game was a significant update.

Fortnite Choppa

The current new mode of transportation and fun added in Fortnite Chapter 3 S2 is the Choppa. The Choppa is a helicopter (chopper) that was initially added to the game back in Season 2 of Chapter 2. It was very practical and fun for players to dominate the game from above. Thus, due to popular fan demand, the Choppas has made a remarkable return to the Fortnite Chapter 3 S2 and we are all here for it.

Where to find Choppas in Fortnite Chapter 3 S2?

Choppas in Fortnite Chapter 3 S2 are stationed at the popular POI called the Seven Outposts. There are seven different locations of this POI on the island and the choppas are stationed at six of them. The choppas can be found everywhere except the Seven Outpost VI, namely the Seven Outpost I, Seven Outpost II, Seven Outpost III, Seven Outpost IV, Seven Outpost V and the Seven Outpost VII.


More about the Choppa in Fortnite Chapter 3 S2

There are about 100 players in an average Fortnite Chapter 3 S2 match and at least 40% will aim for the choppas during the initial landing. So to have a better chance at securing them, players should go for it while diving off the battle bus. As the choppas are stationed in different locations, the randomized route of the dropship will not be an issue and players can just aim as close as possible to landing in one of these six available Seven Outposts.


Like every other vehicle, the Choppas too have a specific HP bar, here it is 1500. It will take a while to destroy with normal weapons except for the rocket launcher. But that still gives you better probabilities. It seats up to five players and has boost features that can be used under sticky situations.

This was a guide about Choppas in Fortnite Chapter 3 S2. Be sure to follow us for more gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.