Fortnite: How to Damage Opponents in Vehicles

Fortnite Damage Opponents Vehicle

Fortnite Damage Opponents Vehicle: Repairing damage to opponents is by no means a new idea at Fortnite, and is actually based on one of the challenges of Season 5 Week 7. Specifically, this new challenge instructs players to damage opponents in cars, and completing this mission can be very difficult. That is to say, for Fortnite fans who apply the tips set out in this guide, and exercise patience, they should finally be able to complete the challenge and earn their rewards.

Before giving you tips on how to complete this Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 challenge, Fortnite Damage Opponents Vehicle it is important to emphasize that direct job instructions do damage to opponents in cars, not use a car to do damage. While this will already be clear to some students, it is very important that players should be fully aware of it when trying to cope with a challenge.

Fortnite Damage Opponents Vehicle

With that already established, another way to do this job is to find a weapon and camp on high ground in a crowded area, such as Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, Retail Row, and Sweaty Sands. Of course, fans can keep an eye on the many vehicles parked from the top of the buildings in these areas, and they must hold their positions until the enemy arrives in one of them. When that happens, the players should simply shoot into the car to deal with the damage and improve the challenge. Fortnite Damage Opponents Vehicle.

Fortnite Damage Opponents Vehicle

Alternatively, fans may try to lure an opponent into the passenger seat of a car in Fortnite Damage Opponents Vehicle and then shoot and shoot at it when a mysterious enemy enters. Approaching an opponent and blowing his nose is one way to show that they should come for a ride, even though they do not have to. While this may not be the most respected approach to the challenge, it does give players a more flexible approach than previously described.

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Note, there are many other opportunities to get XP on Fortnite Damage opponents vehicle at the time of writing, and fans who find this challenge very frustrating may want to let it go. While this is something players trying to reach the highest levels of Battle Pass do not want to do, the frustration that can be brought about by this challenge may not be worth the accompanying rewards. Instead, fans would be better off if they put their time in collecting Fortnite’s 5 Week 7 XP Coins season and doing other activities.

Use this guide for Fortnite Damage Opponents Vehicle, until then happy gaming.