Fortnite week 5 Challenge: Defeat IO Guards

Fortnite Defeat IO Guards

Fortnite Defeat IO Guards: IO Guards can be a real threat to Fortnite players. This guide will show players how to complete them with the challenge of Week 5. As Fortnite’s new season progresses, new challenges arise in a game that players can continue to overcome. Completing this will reward the player with additional experience points that will help players get their battle passes.

Considering the rewards from the battlefield are only available in a limited time, completing these challenges is the best way to unlock everything ahead of time. During this time, players will need to Fortnite Defeat IO Guards defeat the IO Guards around the map to complete this Week 5 challenge. This guide will help players lower them.

IO monitors can make or laugh a military player experience. Normally, players should avoid IO Guards by all means if they plan to take the victory royale seriously. They have tons of HP, can lower a player’s HP to critical levels, and cause the player to waste resources trying to take over.

Fortnite Defeat IO Guards

Fighting them is not worth the reward they fall for when they are defeated. Or, now that there is a challenge players have to complete, there are certain areas that players can encounter in these enemies. This guide will show players how and how to Fortnite Defeat IO Guards easily.

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Fortnite Defeat IO Guards

First, players should aim to acquire a weapon before joining IO Guards. They are in the pockets, making it difficult to take them all and leave them alone. This challenge requires players to take down 10 IO guards within 5 different stages, meaning the player will have to take down 50 IO Guards to complete the challenge completely. Here are some of the best places to find them. They will appear in the metal box at certain points on the map.

At Slurpy Swamp

At Risky Reels

At Misty Meadows

At Hunters Haven

At Weeping Woods

East of Colossal Coliseum

South of Craggy Cliffs

South of Dirty Docks

South of Colossal Coliseum

South Of Misty Meadows

South Of Salty Towers

South Of Pleasant Park

North of Lazy Lake

North Of Catty Corner

North of Holly Hedges

North of Steamy Stacks

North of Sweaty Sands

North of Coral Castle

North of Stealthy Stronghold

West of Weeping Woods

The best thing to do would be to aim for this challenge at the beginning of the game. Land in one of these locations, find a weapon, and take down the IO Guards. The experience points are well worth the battle.

To Fortnite Defeat IO Guards, use this weaponry, until then happy gaming.