Fortnite: How to Destroy Crystal Trees for Week 13 Challenges

Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees

Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees: The new Fortnite Epic Quests collection will be available on Thursday, February 25, and one of them revolves around Crystal Trees. Specifically, fans will need to destroy these five plants to complete a new challenge, and to do that is straightforward. That means, before a player can destroy Crystal Trees in Fortnite, they must first know where to find them, and this guide is here to help with that.

Find Fortnite Crystal Trees

To put things simply, Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees can be found in the relative quantities north of Zero Point that runs high in the middle of the Fortnite map. Remarkably, the area is very close to the Risky Reels, an unnamed Point of Interest covered half of the sand at the time of writing, and the color of the pink trees makes it easy to find. To be more specific, the map below indicates th e exact location that players should visit.

Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees

Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees

After discovering the Crystal Tree, every fan who needs to do to Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees it beats it again and again with their Harvesting Tool at Fortnite. Players can repeat this process four times, and will receive an indication that they have completed the challenge when the fifth Crystal Tree is relegated. Fans will also receive an XP prize associated with this Epic Quest, Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees and will definitely be known to those who are trying to boost the Battle Pass this season.

Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees


Once a player has completed the challenge of “destroying the Crystal Trees”, he may want to move on to the Colossal Coliseum to face another new Epic Quest. This challenge instructs fans to scan the server at Surface Hub, and indeed one can be found underground in the named location. To get to it, players have to go down the stairs at the southeast corner of the Colossal Coliseum and look for a small room when they get to the bottom of the bed after Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees.

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From there, fans can head to Steamy Stacks for another challenge, which is completed by bathing in the Red Pool. For those who don’t know, the Pool is located inside the Kevolution Energy building, and bathing in it is as easy as approaching and pressing input from the screen. Also, players will get XP through their efforts, which will bring them closer to the leather styles of Sapphire, Topaz, and Zero Point that have opened up the top ranks of Battle Pass.

Use this guide to complete Fortnite Destroy Crystal Trees week 13 challenge, until then happy gaming.

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