Fortnite: How to hunt wildlife in Fortnite

The new feature brings you the animal hunting mechanism

How to hunt wildlife in Fortnite

In chapter 2 of Season 6, Fortnite introduces some strange yet amazing new features. The map of the game is now riddled with various animals and critters for you to hunt. As we have seen in various games, hunting these new animals will provide crafting materials to use in the new craft system Fortnite has introduced. One of your first quests will be from Tarana where she will ask you to “Hunt Wildlife.”

Hunt Wildlife

For now, the developers have not provided a complete hunting mechanic in Fortnite. Animals can simply be shot just like players and some of the other NPCs. Once you finish off an animal, it will drop you some crafting materials.

Most of the drops include meat and also animal bones. Both of these items will allow you to craft items like the Hunters Cloak, but the meat can also be eaten to regain health. ايدين هازارد تشيلسي

wildlife in Fortnite

How to hunt wildlife in Fortnite

It’s relatively easy to complete the quest and hunt for wild-life. There are various forms of wildlife, including wolves, wild boars, frogs, and chickens. They are scattered all over the map. 888 sports The more heavily wooded areas tend to have more of them, so one of the best places to hunt them is to head over to places like the northern area above Slurpy Swamps.

But as it goes with animals, be wary of those who travel in packs. As if you attack one, all will come after you. But, most of the wild-life will run from you when you start shooting, so prepare for some target practice.


Now, enjoy some wild-life hunting. فريق أتلتيكو مدريد