Fortnite Season 6: Easy Guide to Find the Dual Pistols [Week 11]

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is on Week 11 right now and it has been very successful so far. All the following updates past this current season have been amazing and players are always receiving something new to look for, every time. Fortnite is known for its weekly challenges, which both gives us some new challenges to chase and rewards us with plenty of XP to score through the battle pass.

The latest Week 11 challenges are finally in and there are some interesting ones that you can check when you log on to the game. One of this week’s legendary challenges is to ‘Deal damage with Dual Pistols (1500, 3000, 4500, 6000, 7500)’. This challenge can be both easy to understand and hard to fully acquire within days. 

The thing that makes this challenge a jewel to everyone’s eyes is that it can reward up to a total of 133,000 XP. This is a lot to help you grind past your battle pass and we will talk about all the necessary things you need to know to ease past this legendary challenge.

Where to find Dual Pistol in Fortnite

Dual pistols can be easily found over Fortnite’s island as ground loot and chest loot. You can find both the variants for this weapon, i.e. the Rare and Epic variants. As they are uncommon loot, the most probability to find it is from Rare chests. 


Dual Pistol Statistics

Rare Dual Pistol
  • DPS- 154.6
  • Dmg- 39
  • Magazine Size- 18
  • Fire Rate- 3.96
  • Reload Time- 3 seconds
Epic Dual Pistol
  • DPS- 162.5
  • Dmg- 41
  • Magazine Size- 18
  • Fire Rate- 3.96
  • Reload Time- 2.8 seconds


About the legendary challenge

In this challenge, players have to deal damage by dual pistols in 5 different stages. In the 1st stage, the damage required is 1500, 3000 in stage 2, 4500 in stage 3, 6000 in stage 4 and 7500 in stage 5. The total reward for completing all these stages is 133,000 XP.

  • Stage 1: Deal damage with dual pistols (0/1500) – 35,000XP
  • Stage 2: Deal damage with dual pistols (0/3000) – 24,500XP
  • Stage 3: Deal damage with dual pistols (0/4500) – 24,500XP
  • Stage 4: Deal damage with dual pistols (0/6000) – 24,500XP
  • Stage 5: Deal damage with dual pistols (0/7500) – 24,500XP

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This has been everything you need to know about week 11’s legendary challenge. Be sure to follow us for more Fortnite Guides, How to(s) and Tips & Tricks.