Fortnite Season 6: Easy Way to get the Escapist Glider as Free Reward


Fortnite has been at the top of the charts in terms of producing quality content for their current season. There’s just brand new and exciting events, challenges, cosmetic items, etc. coming to the game like every other day. The developers, Epic Games, have recently released a new wave for the game with the Fortnite Daybreak LTM. This update was already leaked a few days ago and watching it officially unfold is great.

This update is also known as the “Impossible Escape” and it is exactly what it sounds. Players around the world are very excited about this as they can get the amazing Escapist Glider for free as a reward. To know more about the mode and how can you get the rewards, please continue reading further.

Fortnite daybreak ltm trailer

About the Fortnite Daybreak LTM mode

This new mode will let players enter on an island where they wake up just to find themselves being stranded. You will be detached from your squads, as a matter of fact, all members of the team will be scattered around and will find them separated.

So the first objective in this game mode is to find your squad mates. Another objective of this mode is that players have to collect helicopter parts, which are scattered around the map. They need to assemble all the parts together to make a Helicopter and also find fuel to get the chopper running. 


This also features two game modes, one is the PvP mode and the other one is the PvE mode. The big difference between these two modes is that in the PvE mode, players can only attack the hostiles, whereas they can inflict damage to other players in the PvP mode.

This may sound easy but remember that everyone else will be doing the same thing so fights are supposed to happen. Also, this work is best suited for the daytime as when the night crawls,  hostile NPCs and animals will be the other problem for you. 

How to get the Escapist Glider as a reward

If you, or your team, are successful in escaping from the Island then you will become the winner of the Daybreak LTM. And once you have secured your wind, you will be given the opportunity to go and claim the ‘Escapist’ glider for free as a reward. 

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Our Thoughts

This exciting game mode was what Fortnite was missing. Players shall receive a fresh breath of air playing this mode. It’s all a great and fun way to approach Fortnite and players need some strategies and ‘good calls’ at times to go through this.


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