Fortnite C2 Season 6: A Guide to Find & Destroy Spooky TV Sets

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Fortnite has been on the headlines for a great amount of time, this year. The reason for that is obviously the sheer amount of content it has offered to the player base. The season 6 has been a very productive period for both the developers and the players. According to the latest news, Season 7 of Fortnite’s Chapter 2 is coming into action very soon. There are so many easter eggs and teasers going on in the game currently that majorly hints the arrival of season 7 is close.

The new task, that is in the foreshadowing quest, tells players to find seven spooky TV sets and destroy them. To know more about this, please continue reading further.

About finding Spooky TV Sets in Fortnite

This challenge is a part of Fortnite’s Foreshadowing Quest, and as the final quest states, players need to find Spooky TV sets around Fortnite’s Island and destroy them. There are seven Spooky TV sets, required for the completion of this quest.


Location of Spooky TV Sets

All seven Spooky TV Sets, that you need to find, are located far from each other but this guide should be useful in locating them.

Spooky TV Set Location 1– One TV set will be located in the forest area, located northwest of Holly Hedges. The TV shall be sitting between trees and few rocks.

Spooky TV Set Location 2– The second one can be found near some tress just a little southwest from Dirty Docks.

Spooky TV Set Location 3– Land near Slurpy Swamp and go south-east from there, you’ll find a TV set near some trees.

All Spooky TV Locations Fortnite

Spooky TV Set Location 4– Visit the cliffside areas that are located near Sweaty Sands, westwards. At the very edge, there shall be a TV set. this one is quite an easy one to spot and we are sure it won’t go unnoticed.

Spooky TV Set Location 5– Visit Catty Corner and go a bit south from there, you will find a campsite and there shall be one TV set.

Spooky TV Set Location 6– The small island, located at the North of Craggy Cliffs, should have one of these TV sets.

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Spooky TV Set Location 7– The last destination shall be the famous Lazy Lake, the TV set there is located on an upland, a little westwards.


This has been everything you need to know about locating all the seven Spooky TV Set Location in Fortnite. Be sure to follow us for more guides, how to(s), and tips & tricks.