Fortnite: Guide to Catch a Snowy Flopper

Fortnite snow flopper

For the Snowdown challenge, Fortnite players must use their fishing skills to catch fortnite Snow Flopper, a fish with cooling skills.

A new winter challenge is here, and Fortnite players will have to catch the coolest fish to complete them: the Snowy Flopper. This cold fish is needed to complete the challenge of the Fortnite Operation Snowdown holiday event.


Hold the fishing rod

To catch this icy fish, players will have to grab a fishing rod, spoon, or players may try to fish with Fortnite explosives. Fortunately, there are several places to find fishing rods near where this cold fish lays. Just look at the fishing port; there is almost always a fishing rod nearby. Lets move to next part of catching fortnite snow flopper.

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Fishing area to catch Fortnite snow flopper

Players will have to get close to the water in the snowy Fortnite map area to find the Snowy Flopper this Christmas day. There is a new, expanded ice area for this holiday event between Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows that makes it a great fortnite Snow Flopper fishing spot; there are several fishing docks on two islands in the middle of a large dam with fishing troughs available. This place is located at the far southeast of the Fortnite Season 5 map.

Players can dive into one of these booths and begin fishing in any of the fishing grounds.

Fortnite snow flopper location

Snowy Flopper

Snowy Flopper is an unusual fish introduced at a Snowdown holiday event in Fortnite. It looks like Snowmando’s NPC head with all the snow-covered areas. It is a small head of ice, filled with carrot noses and striped scarf.

This frozen fish, when eaten, gives players less life and the same cold effect as the Chiller Grenades or Big Chill Exotic Rocket Launcher. So it will not only draw players closer to getting those holiday skins and other makeup, but it will also give them an effect that can put other players in place. It looks like a win for the players.


Snowdown Challenges

There are 18 Operation Snowdown challenges for this event, including the Snowy Flopper challenge. To complete each you will find Fortnite players free makeup, including two ice skins. This particular fishing challenge will get players Toe Pick and XP 10,000 for their problem. Toe Pick is a vintage pickaxe that looks like an ice skate on a stick. It looks like this item will not be available for purchase at the store, so players will have to find it challenging if they are looking for this special winter ax.

So with use of this guide catch Fortnite snow flopper, until then happy gaming.