Fortnite: How to find and Destroy Nutcracker Statues in Snowmando Quest

Fortnite Snowmando Quest

Fortnite Snowmando Quest: Players who try to eliminate the demand for Nutcracker Operation Snowmando at Fortnite can use this guide to find each location to get new prizes.

It’s a busy time for Fortnite snowmando quest as it not only brought in a lot of new crossover characters like Din Djarin and Grogu from The Mandalorian, but still video games Kratos and Master Chief have also joined the battle. While Agent Jones is doing his best to continue his hiring efforts, Epic is also launching an annual Winterfest event that takes place over the holidays offering new cosmetic rewards.

The popular mode of Battle Royale has also received a festive effect by adding lights, snow, and other festive elements to the map while the event is currently running. In addition, players can take part in a series of Operation Snowmando challenges during games to earn more XPs and rewards like cosmetics. As of today, players can take on the challenge that gives them the task of finding and destroying five Crackshot Nutcracker images hidden on the map.

Happily, if players can find five nutcrackers in a game, they can return to the same place in a different game to destroy the same. For those who want to try this in one Fortnite game, here are the places to look

Nutcracker locations

  • Players have to cross the southeast corner of the map within the ice region to find three simple nutcrackers within a short distance from each other.
  • To the southeast of the Catty Corner is the Snowmando Outpost in the snow-covered mountain. Two of them will be found on the catwalk decking outside the building. The third floor can be found inside the first floor. Also, players starting here can use nearby flights to easily and quickly access other locations on this list.
  • Lazy Lake has a few pictures of nutcracker that can be found around the area including the front two in the main house.
  • Retail Row also has a holiday theme shop with three nutcracker images. One looked out the window and the other two hid behind the walls inside the store.

Rewards for Fortnite Snowmando Quest

While the search itself is not a major challenge, players will be finding a back for Snowmando as part of the makeup set. It is mainly a packet worn on the back of the character with ice on it and a small snowman is tied with a scarf. Backstage joins a wide range of rewards including a few skins with holiday themes, wrap weapons, spray points, gliders, pickax and more.

Completing these holiday-themed challenges and the new benefits added to the season’s renewal should go a long way in helping players continue to climb the battlefield.

So go and complete Fortnite snowmando quest, until then happy gaming.