Fortnite: Where To Find The Thief & The Last Log

Fortnite thief & last Log

Fortnite thief & last Log: Players will need to find a Spire Thief in Fortnite. This guide will show players where to find him and the Final Log. Fortnite continues to present new content to its players weekly. For those who have subscribed to the passing of the war, new weekly challenges are available forcing players to try new machines in the game.

In the case of season 6, players will spend most of their time hunting and grooming wildlife as part of the new first team. Alternatively, there is a small collection of story-related quests players can complete known as Spire Quests. This guide will show players where to find Fortnite thief & last Log

While Fortnite has become a war theme as that is the main objective of the whole game, passing the battle and additional challenges make it much easier to turn the game into something extraordinary.

Most players may not even want to face other players as they try to complete their tasks. In the case of Spire Quests, players will need to speak to a specific NPC to start a quest. This guide will show players where to find Fortnite thief & last Log.

Fortnite thief & last Log

Where To Find Fortnite thief & last Log

The thief goes by the name of Raz. Players will be able to locate the Raz found in the Colossal Crop on the map. Try to stay in this place at the beginning of the game but do not go directly to Raz. Make sure you hold the weapon in front of you for Fortnite thief & last Log because other players may have the same idea.

If you have your weapon, the Raz can be found on the map with a speech bubble icon. It usually comes from the center of the farm upstairs. Go to him and receive Spire Quest to get the Fortnite thief & last Log. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to get it.

Fortnite thief & last Log

Now as you need to get to the Final Log, all a player has to do is jump through the window to the right of Raz and there will be a stone wall on the right. The Last Log will be hidden like a brick wall. Grab it, then return it to Raz. This will open up a new set of Spire requirements and reward the player with tons of experience and completes Fortnite thief & last Log. Easy job with high rewards.

Use this guide to find Fortnite thief & last Log, Until then happy gaming.