Fortnite: Vehicle mods, where to find them, and how to apply them

For now, we have only one type of mod available, hopefully, there will be more in the future


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 introduced a new type of item called the vehicle mods. Version 16.20 update introduced this new item type, and so in this guide, we tell you how exactly it works. سباق الخيل العالمي The new items are for upgrading your vehicles, and there is currently one type of vehicle mod available from the developers. وان ایکس بت

Where to find Vehicle Mods in Fortnite: Garage Locations

To mod those cars, first you will have to find one of the vehicle mods in-game. Many of the significant points of interest on Fortnite‘s island now have a small garage building. They are:

  1. Sweaty Sands
  2. Pleasant Park
  3. West of Steamy Stacks
  4. West of Holly Hedges
  5. East of Colossal Crops
  6. East of The Spire
  7. Weeping Woods
  8. Lazy Lake
  9. West of Misty Meadows
  • Catty Corner


After locating a garage, look around the floor or destroy some objects and workbenches to find some vehicle mods.


Vehicle Mod Types in Fortnite


Currently, there is only one type of vehicle mods available in Fortnite:

  • Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires


The tires give a vehicle off-road capabilities, allowing them to climb up mountains and maintain maximum speed when not on the road. For now, we only have this one type of mod available in the game, and the developers have promised to bring in more amazing vehicle mods with future updates.


How to Mod Vehicles in Fortnite


First, walk over the mod, and pick it up like you would any other item. Since it’s a common item, it will take up an item slot. Pull out the vehicle mod, and aim it at a vehicle. Press and release the primary fire button to throw the mod and apply it to a vehicle. كازينو لبنان


You can apply off-road tires to the following vehicles:

  • OG Bear (Pickup Truck)
  • Titano Mudflap (Big Rig)
  • Victory Motors Whiplash (Sports Car)
  • Islander Prevalent (Regular Car)


Soon, more vehicle mods will be introduced in Fortnite and our first impression is that the new items are simply amazing, adding some customization and functionality to some of the existing in-game vehicles.