Fortnite: Where to Modify Vehicles with Off-Road Tires in Fortnite

Get the best out of the latest item brought by the Season 6 chapter 2


In Week five of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, we got thrown at us a new type of item called the vehicle mods. For now, there’s only a single type of vehicle mod available, but that’s destined to change throughout the season.

And as the tradition goes we have a new quest that involves tinkering with these new mods. If you pull down your quest log you will find the one from Spark plug to modify vehicles with off-road tires.

So, here’s a guide to help you out in completing this quest in a minute or two.

Where to Modify Vehicles with Off-Road Tires in Fortnite


During the time of writing, there are a total of ten garages around Fortnite island, and every one of them containing vehicle mods and a few cars in the vicinity.


Pick a garage nearest to your location on the map, and grab three off-road type vehicle mods. You can find these lying around in the garage or from pick axing the tire stacks in the area. كازينوهات القاهرة


Pick up the vehicle mod and equip it by switching to it on your item bar. Hold your fire button, and aim the tire at a driveable vehicle. Release your fire button, and the vehicle will now be modded with big off-road tires. طاوله31


Here’s a video to help you out (Courtesy- YouTube):


By doing all the above steps you will successfully finish modding your vehicle. The off-road tires, allow you to drive off-road without losing any speed and help you climb up mountains in any car. أنخيل دي ماريا Pretty easy right?!