Frostpunk free on Epic Games this week

Frostpunk 1

Epic Games Store Mega Sale is underway with many big games in store for you. The newest ones were NBA 2K21 and Among Us that went for free this week. Fans have been waiting patiently every week for the new free games to be announced as this week Frostpunk is being released for free.


Frostpunk for free:

Frostpunk is a society survival game from 11-bit Studios, the company behind the popular This War of Mine. Players control the last city on earth and manage every aspect of it, including everything about the city infrastructure and citizens. You’ll need to do whatever it takes to help your city survive the dreaded snow and overcome every obstacle in your path. There are many difficult decisions to make along the way to avoid losing your city, and it’s what makes Frostpunk so challenging


The game makes you fall deeper into the city building experience. It is interactive and has a fantastic atmosphere to work with. So for a price tag of Rs. 0, I request you all to go out there and buy it. 


With a new game being released every week, what do you predict will be released next week? Give us your suggestions in the comments below.