Genshin Impact 1.5: An Easy Guide to the Windtrace Event

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact was recently updated with ‘Version 1.5 patch’ and it is now live with some of the exciting new content that has ever been introduced to the game. The Housing System and exotic realms are the main attraction to the new version and it sure deserves all the praise it is getting. But it is not likely that the developers would settle with just this and it sure is true.

A brand new game mode is getting included in the game as an exclusive and limited-time-only event. This new event’s name is ‘Windtrace Event’ and its name gives us the vibe of some classic game modes in the video gaming world. Before the official explanation, there were various leaks and speculations about what the game mode is going to be but there’s no need for that now as we have the official statement.

About the Windtrace Event in Genshin Impact

The Windtrace Event is one of the unique style new game mode event that was never seen before in Genshin Impact. It is an online PvP mode bound with the classic ‘Hide n’ Seek’ concept. There will be two teams, namely, the Rebels and the Hunters. The members of the Rebel team will have to hide and the Hunters will be the ones on the lookout. This brings back the old Call of Duty and Garry’s Mod vibes that we all had fun playing.

Players can form a Co-Op party with friends to enter this event or can jump in solo and will be matched with other players. After getting matched up with teammates, they would then need to talk to Gygax and after that, they will be assigned to their team, be that Rebels or Hunters. The rules are pretty regular to the game mode and to know more about them please visit here.


Duration of the Windtrace Event in Genshin Impact

The event is going to be live from 10:00 Server Time on 14th May 2023 to 03:59 Server Time on 24th May 2023.

Requirements for Participation and Rewards

Now the thing about the event is that not everyone will be able to participate in this game mode. And by that, we don’t mean you must require some high stats. Players must have at least an Adventurer Rank 20 or higher to participate in this event. There are no other requirements so that’s it, most should be fine.

The prime reward for this game mode is in the new currency, that is Windtrace Coins. Players can use this currency to unlock various items from the game.

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