Genshin Impact 2.4: Easy Guide to find Starsplinter Iron!

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This guide will help you to find Starsplinter Iron in Genshin Impact 2.4!

Genshin Impact 2.4 has brought a lot of new content for the fans. There are a lot of new things to do and one of the new quests requires players to find Starsplinter iron. To know more about the quest and how you can use Vision to find Starsplinter, please read the article down below.

About the quest

Bygones Times Like Dust Passing is the third part of the Tevyat storyline of the Archon quests. It is within the Interlude Chapter: Act I: The Crane Returns on the Wind. To complete this quest, go to the worksite and ask around for news. Then find Master Zhang and ask him about the Wonder Cores. Then proceed to the southwestern side of Mt. Tianheng, where you have to use Visions to find Starsplinter Iron.

Find Starsplinter Iron in Genshin Impact

Starsplinter Iron

As an important step of completing this quest, players are required to search for two Starsplinter Iron within a large area. These items are special and the only spawn for this quest. So, players need to go with the ‘Use Visions’ part and try finding the items.

Where to find Starsplinter Iron

As we have already talked about the Starsplinter Iron is a special type of item, exclusive for this quest. So, your normal Elemental Sight is not required for this. Check the area with your character’s Vision and look for the item. If you are within close proximity, your Vision will give out a yellow sparkle effect. But the characters that will not be affected by this Lumine/Aether, The Raiden Shogun, Zhongli and Venti.

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Even without Character Vision, players can just head over to these locations to find Starsplinter Iron. As the location for these remains the same for everyone for every player.

The first one you will find is on a large rock that has some leaves and grass sprouting over on the middle top part. Move towards it and interact to acquire it.

For the second one, head towards the southeast direction from the last position you were in. Players need to head towards the foot of the mountain and look for the yellowish glow. This is the last Starsplinter Iron you would need for the quest.

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This about sums up today’s guide to find Starsplinter Iron with Visions in Genshin Impact. Do comment down below for more queries. Be sure to follow us for more Genshin Impact and other gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.