Genshin Impact 2.4- Guide to making fireworks!

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As many of you already know, Genshin Impact 2.4 is featuring the Latern Rite festival once again. It was introduced to the game previously and its huge success has brought it back. There are so many things you can do during the festival and making fireworks is one of them

If you are looking for a guide to make the perfect fireworks in Genshin Impact, this is the guide for you.


Lantern Rite Festival in Genshin Impact

The festival is held annually to celebrate the new year over Liyue’s main port. Apart from the beautifully themed aesthetics, players can now make fireworks themselves as a part of this year’s Lantern Rite Festival. It is basically a mini-game where players can make fireworks and earn points based on the quality of those produced fireworks. Players can use the points earned for many rewards in the event and even exchange them for a special event currency, which can be then sued in the event shop.

How to participate?

There is a small quest that players need to complete before they can enrol into firework making. The quest is titled ‘Flameplume Starflowers’ and where players will first get the opportunity to make fireworks and earn Affluence Talisman.

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How to make fireworks in Genshin Impact?

Head to the production challenge tab located within the event overview tab. You will find the task of making fireworks, so just select it. On the surface, the game mechanics to make a firework is rather easy but it all depends on the quality of the produced. Players get a circle with three zones, through which they can customize the process settings. Each of them will have separate bars, that you would need to fill right to the orange spot. There are so many options to select, from colour, size and height to different smelting techniques. Make sure to not exceed the orange mark as you will lose endurance.

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It is not always easy to keep every meter within the orange spot but try as close as possible. Even with a 1 plus or 1 minus hit, they should be able to make perfect quality fireworks.

More to know!

Fireworks in Genshin Impact are marked with a quality rating with the highest being 3000. Getting the perfect score on each of the three sections of the process will ace out your firework production, making it a perfect one. The better the quality is, the more reward goes.

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Partake in this challenge to obtain rewards like Primogems, Affluence Talismans, and much more. Be sure to follow us for more Gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.