Genshin Impact: 4 Best Pyro Characters that You would want

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a game all about action, adventure with role-playing materials, based on an open-world concept. There are various playable characters that you can select from to play the game with. Once you have unlocked a character, you can add them to your party and play along with the rest of your party members. The Party system in Genshin Impact includes four members and you can have multiple parties prepared, as per your liking, to deploy whenever you need. 

Importance of Pyro Element in Genshin Impact

A party must have some range in abilities and diverse focal points. Genshin Impact features seven elemental prowess like Hydro, Electro, Anemo, etc. Pyro is an example of one such elemental prowess that you can utilize based on the various situation. Pyro can be very helpful in terms of producing heavy damage, has decent range and can react with other elemental prowess like Anemo, Hydro, etc. to produce something more superior.

Here, we shall talk about the four Pyro characters that possess enormous power and are very useful in the game. You can include them in your parties and utilize their power along your quest in Genshin Impact.

4- Xiangling 

Xiangling is a Sub DPS character in the game that possesses the Pyro element. She is by far the best sub DPS out there that can challenge many odds in the game. She is a four-star rarity character that can deal heavy damage and even boost the damage of any main DPS if paired. Her Dough-Fu martial spear strikes, flame ridden summoned Panda and a flaming tornado, Pyronado, are incredible in combat and support.

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3- Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a Main DPS, belonging to the five-star rarity. Her normal melee attack is impactful, with an elemental skill that knocks enemies into a state of paranoia and her elemental burst, the Spirit Soother, is a blazing spirit that knocks a huge percentage of enemy HP.

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2- Klee

Another Main DPS from the five-star rarity category, Klee is an amazing addition to one roaster as a Pyro character. She talks in explosions with all her attacks. Her normal attacks throw Pyro explosives, her elemental skill is plushy that explodes and her elemental burst is summons 5 sparks that torch nearby enemies automatically.

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1- Diluc

This is expected by Diluc as the best Pyro character in the game that everybody wants to have. Diluc is a Pyro based Main DPS from the five-star rarity category. His character is cool and his abilities are the most effective against stronger enemies. His normal melee attack deals heavy damage with a sword and is followed by more damage through his elemental skill, a pyro slash, and follows with even greater damage with his elemental burst, Dawn a summoned Phoenix that attacks enemy head-on.

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