Genshin Impact: Guide on the Savvy List of Shops and Vendors

If you want a detailed guid en complete list of shops and vendors in Genshin Impact, then binge this guide for better approach.

Genshin Impact complete vendor and shop list

Genshin Impact – If you are running low in time and are worried about the game, just sit back and relax. Here is the complete list of all possible shops and vendors in the game Geshin impact.

Before starting binging Genshin Impact, there are some points that you have to remember. As you know Genshin Impact has many playable regions so we have divided it into separate types. We have further broken the sections into small subsections for better understanding. We have also divided the subsections into the type of things they sell.

Genshin Impact Complete vendor and shop list

Genshin Impact In-Game Clock Feature:

A lot of vendors in this game got stuck to a particular place. They also sell a particular item at a particular time of day. So make sure you reach there in time. There is an in-game clock feature in the game. Make sure you use that to change the time. We will provide all possible pictures to make you understand.

Genshin Impact In-Game Clock Feature

Vendors of Mondstadt’s City:

These vendors are known for their amazing weapons and artifact. These are marked in red on the overhead map.

  • Wagner: – He sells weapons can forge equipment. He also knows the location of the Rich ore.
  • Schulz:- He is basically a student of Wagner. You can find lower-level weapons with him.
  • Shiliu:- He is an artifact dealer.

Next are the Food Dealers in the City:

  • Blanche:- General Foods
  • Sara:- You can get good foods once your rank is increased
  • Flora:- Sells flowers for character ascensions
  • Charles:- if you don’t find the above shops you can definitely visit him.

Genshin Impact shop and vendor guide

Vendors of Springvale (Pink Identifiers):

  • Draff:- Sells meat and knows the location of iron ores
  • Brook: Chef
  • Hopkins: Sells spring water which is useless
  • Haris: Chef
  • Chloris: Botanist (She doesn’t stay at a single place)

Lique Harbor:

These shops can be seen in green identifiers.

  • Zhang Shun: artifact vendor
  • Jifang: Book House owner
  • Linlang: Artifact vendor (mostly on Thursday nights)
  • Shitou: Crystal ore seller
  • Master Zang: Blacksmith

Food Outlets in Lique:

  • Herbalist Gui: Pharmacist
  • Yueshu: Sells recipes
  • Licai: sells recipes
  • Changshun: Electro Crystal dealer
  • Dongsheng: Second life owner
  • Chen the sharp: Restaurant owner
  • Chef Mao: Restaurant owner
  • Su Er’niang: sells choup suey
  • Uncle shun: fishmonger
  • Uncle ago: sells fish

Quingce Gate and Stone Gate Vendors:

  • Bai: Sells recipes
  • Pops Kai: tea seller
  • Pops Zhou: tea seller
  • Verr Goldet: Ingredients, food, and recipe seller
  • Zhu: Food seller

Genshin Impact Vendor and shop lists

Hope these might help you in playing Genshin Impact smoothly. For more such updates follow AskGamer, on a regular basis.