Genshin Impact: How To Get Geoculus

Genshin Impact get Geoculus

Genshin Impact get Geoculus: Genshin Impact has a large map covering the continent of Teyvat, now divided into two major regions: Liyue and Mondstadt. Mondstadt are the regional players introduced at the start of the game, and Liyue, in conjunction with Geo Element, lies to its southwest.

While players roaming around Liyue and Mondstadt are likely to encounter powerful Elite Bosses and challenging backgrounds, one of the various Genshin Impact get Geoculus challenges contains floating collectible symbols, or “artists.” The game currently allows players to collect Anemoculi or Geoculi according to the region they are researching, although Dragonspine’s Crimson Agate is similar in concept.

As Liyue is associated with Geo Element, players can find Geoculi scattered all over its place than Anemoculi found in Mondstadt. Like Anemoculus, Genshin Impact get Geoculus can be attributed to seven statues, but only to those in the Liyue region. Once the players have donated enough Geoculi to Liyue’s Statues of Seven, they will step up, giving the player rewards from Primogems to hear.

Genshin Impact get Geoculus

Travelers hoping to find a Geoculi will simply want to explore every corner of Liyue with the eye of their cuts. Whenever a player is near Genshin Impact get Geoculus, a small icon will appear on their maps stating their exact location. Often, they are hidden everywhere – floating on top of holes, mountains, and secret caves. Players are welcome to use the Geoculus Resonance Stones, which can be named after Alchemy. This drawing of a one-time use gadget opens when the player reaches the level of reputation 2 in Liyue. Using one will allow the player to follow the Geoculus closely.

Genshin Impact get Geoculus

The Genshin Impact get Geoculus Resonance Stones can be named indefinitely, but players will need five Cor Lapis, five Glaze Lilies, and one Crystal Chunk each. Fortunately, both Cor Lapis and Glaze Lily are Liyue Local Specialties, so it will not only be easy to find throughout the district, but will also be a challenge for the Liyue Specialty church.

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While the game contains 60 Anemoculi or more, there are 131 Geoculi in Genshin Impact get geoculus. This opens up a lot of treasure hunts, as well as a lot of rewards for climbing the level from Liyue’s Seven statues. Travelers can even find useful items such as Acquaint Fates by modifying Seven sculptures, so the challenge should be worth it. The player only needs to touch Geoculus to find it; rarely has there been a real challenge involving finding oneself in the past.

Use this guide for Genshin Impact get Geoculus, Until then happy gaming.