Genshin Impact 2.5: Guide to defeating the Great Snowboar King!

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Genshin Impact offers a lot of mechanics that players can enjoy and find versatility in their gameplay. The game is not just about combat, but also about cooking and hunting. As you all know, you can hunt animals and gather ingredients in the game, which can be later used to cook up different dishes. Similarly, Boars are an essential resource for meat in the game.

The Great Snowboar King in Genshin Impact

There are many animals in the game, and boards are one of them. But the Great Snowboar King are literally like mini-bosses in the game.l They provide a massive amount of raw meat for the players to take but also reflects dangers in its ways. Players can utilize this boss and have a visit once in a while to stack up raw meat.

Where to find The Great Snowboar King in Genshin Impact?

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There aren’t many places in the game where these mini-boss spawns. To be exact, the Great Snowboar King can be found near the southeast of Dragonspine. Right near the location where the Statue of the seven resides. Now, don’t worry if you can’t see any boar running around the place. It is because the boars are frozen in ice. Look for them, they are hard to miss.

How to defeat the Great Snowboar King in Genshin Impact?

First of all, players need the boards to come out of their frozen state, in order to defeat them and receive the raw meat. The first thing they need to do is switch to a pyro character and use any of their pyro abilities to melt the ice down, around the frozen boards. Once done, the boar will come back into action and will attack you. You can defeat them easily, it is only a matter of a few minutes. There will be three frozen boards at first and you have to defeat them all. Once done, the mini-boss, the Great Snowboar King, will finally appear.

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Make sure to have at least one heavy hitter in your party. Apart from that, players must include either shoulder players or healing characters, to maximize their easy chance of victory. Defeating the mini-boss is not super hard but it requires skills. Avoid direct attack from the mini-boss at all cost and try taking its small boar summons first, otherwise, they will be at your blind spots, ready to strike unknown to your attention!

After you have finally defeated the mini-boss, you will obtain 6 to 10 chilled meat. These can be processed to normal raw meat through any cooking pot.

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