Genshin Impact: Vishaps and Where to Find Them Guide

Genshin Impact Vishaps

Genshin Impact Vishaps: As players eagerly await the announcement of the Generation 1.4 update of Genshin Impact, engineer MiHoYo continues to launch events with limited time to keep players engaged. This week there is an addition to the Genshin Impact event “Vishaps and Where To Them Them”, which gives players participation by sending characters in campaigns to stop the explosion of the Geovishap people.

To gain access to the event, players must first reach AR 20 and then head to Liyue Harbor to speak to Katheryne at the Adventurer Guild. After talking to Katheryne, the players will now be able to access the “Genshin Impact Vishaps and Where to Them Them” event hub.

The “Genshin Impact Vishaps and Where to Find Them” event works in much the same way as the regular tours available in the game. Players can earn rewards by sending a team of four team members to an investigation that rewards primogems, talent items, and weapons.

Genshin Impact Vishaps

Genshin Impact Vishaps Where to find them

During the event, players can only complete a survey more than four times a day. For this reason, players should prioritize what inquiries they send to their team members in terms of potential prizes. It is also noteworthy that the event lasts only seven days, so players should make sure they reach the maximum quota of each day for Genshin Impact Vishaps.

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From the event menu, players will see that the map is divided into multiple notes, each with a corresponding level connected to it (S rank, A rank, B rank). Rewards increase depending on the level of Genshin Impact Vishaps investigation so it is recommended that players prioritize the Class S investigation as they reward double primogems.

Players must add at least two members or a maximum of team members to begin an investigation. For each member of the team added to the investigation, the chance of a Bonus Reward will increase depending on the character’s Ascension level.

Genshin Impact Vishaps

Additionally, players can also add one character to their friends list to support the investigation. Genshin Impact Vishaps When selecting a team to submit to each investigation the goal of the players should be to increase their Bonus Reward as close to 100% as possible.

As players complete the investigation they will unlock daily benefits that require them to visit certain locations on the map and defeat Geovishaps. As an investigation, completing these benefits will also reward primogems in addition to characters, talent, and weapons rating tools.

While the “Genshin Impact Vishaps and Where To Them Them” event may not come out as anything that has happened to the Lantern Rite Festival, it serves as a good distraction as players await the release of the 1.4 update.

Use this guide to find Genshin Impact Vishaps, until then happy gaming.