Genshin Impact 2.5- Where to find Shrine of Depth in Mondstadt

Shrine of Depth

Shrine of Depth locations in the region of Mondstadt are some of the best opportunities to obtain some hefty rewards. Genshin Impact’s vast open-world elements wonderfully into the game. There are a lot of things to do, visit and generally explore in the realm of Genshin Impact. One of such things to do in the game is open the Shrine of Depth. Players who open the Shrine of Depth gets dully rewarded.

The Shrine of Depth can be found in all of the major lands of the game. This includes Mondstadt, Liyue and the newly added region of Inazuma. These shrines require a key to be unlocked and there are 10 of this Shrine of Depth in the region of Mondstadt only. There will be more of such added to the game as it expands and for now, players should focus on the ones that are available.

Where to find Keys for the Shrine of Depth in Mondstadt?

As we mentioned earlier, players are required to find keys to open each Shrine of Depth in the game. These keys can be obtained by participating and completing different kinds of Quests, Domains and through the Adventurer Handbook.

Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact’s Mondstadt region

Now that you have the keys, where should you look for the Shrine of Depths in the Mondstadt region? Well, here are the locations;


1) Starsnatch Cliff

Just a few metres away from home, you will come across the Starfell Lake, after crossing the Whispering Woods. Proceed towards the Waypoint Teleport and you will reach the Starsnatch Cliff where you will find a Shrine of Depth.

2) Stormbearer Mountains

Just head North from your previous point and you will reach the Stormbearer Mountains, where you will find your second Shrine.

3) Springvale

Now if you head down from the city, you will reach Springvale and towards its North-eastern side, you will find your third Shrine. After that, just follow the road leading south and you will reach the fourth shrine, standing in between Springvale and Flacon Coast mark.

Wait, there is another one at the western corner of Springvale, near the road, over the valley. It should be your fifth shrine.


4) Dadaupa Gorge

After you have found your fourth Shrine, follow the same road southwards to find the sixth shrine, at the north of Dadupa Gorge. And just along the coastline at the farthest Westside from Dadaupa Gorge, you will have your seventh shrine waiting.

5) Dawn Winery

The location between Dawn Winery and Stone gate has another of these shrines standing at the very centre. This would be your eighth shrine in Mondstadt.

6) Wolvendom

Go to the location titled Wolvendom and just a bit westwards to the ‘W’, you will discover your ninth Shrine of Depth.

Brightcrown Canyon Boars Genshin Impact 850x473 1

7) Brightcrown Canyon

At the west side of the Cider lake, you will find the Brightcrown Canyon, and at the canyon’s “a”, you will find your final Shrine.


These are all the locations where you can find the Shrine of Depth in Genshin Impact 2.5, so have some rewards by opening them. Be sure to follow us for more gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.