Ghost of Tsushima: Best Build For The Hunter in Legends Mode

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter: With the right construction, Hunter can reduce a large number of enemies in Ghost of Tsushima in a fast time with a variety of Legends. Knowing what to build around it is important to clear the waves of enemies in Nightmare Survival or even to complete Chapter 2 of Iyo’s Tale. The actual construction will require the production of more solutions and the reduction of the most targeted prices as soon as possible in order to be successful.

There are a few ways to build Ghost of Tsushima hunter, but the most important process in the classroom is the Eye of Uchitsune. Surrounding that process is important on a solid foundation, but the next will determine the success of the construction. Oni-centered construction, where a few gear rolls can be accompanied by multiple Oni damage or the emphasis on the pure gain of the construction method, can be worked on. Another build functionality revolves around the Explosive Bow process, an excellent set of great damage while resolving ticks at a steady pace.

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter builder

Almost every major Ghost of Tsushima Hunter builder will be looking for a Skipping Stone Bow. Without a bow, the construction is usually respectable, not just unusual. Skipping Stone Bow makes the arrows ricochet on other enemies as the gun moves forward. Combining a bow with The Eye Of Utchisune results in a splash that can knock the survival waves in one direction.

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter

Thus, the skill of the Explosive Arrow section will propel players into a naturally occurring fire since the Loose Arrow does not interact well with other strategies. Align the Explosive Arrow with Condition Injury in the second phase, and now Ghost of Tsushima Hunter cooks with consistent ticks to solve. Here are the gears set to increase fire and subtitles from Eye of Utchisune:


Water Katana: Melee Resolve Gain and Ultimate Damage + Perk: The Way of the Flame

Jump Cross: Fixed Injury and Draw Speed ​​+ Perk: Ammo Piercing Helmet

Hunter Charm: Final Damage and Hunter Power Rerus + Perk: Fire Master

Sticky Bomb: Blast Radius and Status Effect Duration + Perk: Fired Up

Smoking Bomb: Cooldown Reduction and Reduction of Milk at Kill + Perk: Munitions

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The last two methods will be used by the Scent of Blood and the All-Seeing Eye. The all-seeing eye is self-explanatory because it works well with final damage buffs and two additional purposes. The smell of Blood is very bad because players may be bitten by having Ghost of Tsushima Hunter Unleashed but the addition of a drawing and reloading speed after the Smoke Bomb kill could be a game changer.

Going with the planned damage with damage done to the headphone is better because the 12% access to it covers everything and not just headshots. With all the Perks targeted on fire in the construction offered, Explosive Arrow makes enemies melt with additional Status Damage and Status Effect Duration, including Ghost of Tsushima Hunter Ability Radius.

Use this material to build Ghost of Tsushima Hunter, until then Happy Gaming.