Gridiron: Celebrate NFL Superbowl with Rocket League

This would be fun!

Rocket League

Rocket League is offering a new way to celebrate American Football’s biggest event NFL Super Bowl, in their own style.

It has been nearly a month since the ‘NFL Fan Pack’ has dropped and Rocket League Developers are bringing something more exciting. They will be celebrating the upcoming big game that is coming next week, with the NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration.

What is ‘NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration’?

It is the official game event of Rocket League in collaboration with the NFL. This event’s main showcase is a new game mode called ‘Gridiron’. Apart from the new game mode, there are some other inclusions which are also exciting, like many Event Challenges and the return of the favourite NFL Fan Pack


What is ‘Gridiron’?

Rocket League players will know that the game is based on Soccer where the team with more goals wins. The Gridiron exchanges the soccer field aesthetics with an American football field, fitting to the event. The field is also occupied with hash marks and the NFL logo at the 50-yard line.

The rules for Gridiron are different than the usual Rocket League games and they can be found below:

  • Gridiron is a 4 vs 4 game mode.
  • The Rocket League Ball, resembling a soccer ball, has been replaced with an American Football.
  • The ball will get attached to the roof of the player’s car that touches it.
  • In Spike Rush, the ball will get attached to anywhere in the car that has the impact. But in Gridiron, it will always be attached to the roof of the car.
  • If any other player, apart from the current carrier, touches the ball then they get the possession of it. This will add aspects like protecting your teammates from losing possession or passing the ball in big-brain outplays.
  • The ball carriers can only perform a single jump as double jumping will automatically drop the ball from the roof.
  • The ball can be passed on by dodging.
  • Loose ball or through ball that enters into the opponent’s goal will only carry 3 points. Whereas, 7 points are awarded to the team that is able to enter the opponent’s goal with the ball attached to their car’s roof.
  • All Own-goals, whether it is attached to the roof or loose, will always carry 3 points.
  • Demos require Supersonic speed as it does in the Standard modes.
  • If a player crosses the line marked territory on the Arena Wall, they will fumble! ( Meaning: A fumble in gridiron football occurs when a player who has possession and control of the ball loses it before being downed, scoring, or going out of bounds. By rule, it is any act other than passing, kicking, punting, or successful handing that results in loss of ball possession by a player).

Three Event Challenges

As mentioned earlier, with the new game mode, three new Event Challenges are coming. On completing this Event Challenges, there will be some sweet rewards. Like,

  • The Gridiron Guru player title
  • NFL Wheels
  • 20,000 XP!

NFL Fan Pack

Previously, Rocket League have shown us its love for the NFL by collaborating with them on their ‘NFL Fan Pack’ on Dec 17th 2020.

Rocket League NFL Fan Pack

The NFL pack comes with cool and slick Octane Decals for all of the NFL’s 32 teams. It was available for purchase until Dec 28th 2020 through the game’s in-game store for just 800 Credits. With the new event, it will be available again, so be sure to support your favourite NFL team by representing their decals. 

Release Date of ‘NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration’ Event

Psyonix has announced that the event will go live on February 2. The Gridiron playlist along with the Event Challenges and NFL Fan Pack will be available from February 2nd to February 8th. 

Our thoughts

Rocket League has gone free-to-play recently and it surely brought a lot of new players to the game. It is really a nice game to both enjoy and play competitively. We are excited and looking forward to the new Event just like everyone else. 

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