Grand Theft Auto V: How To win money in Blackjack

GTA V Blackjack

GTA V Blackjack: One of GTA V’s biggest goals is to make as much money as possible, but with so many things to do in one game, where does the player start? Before getting into hot topics or robbing someone working in the 20th garage, players may want to find a different way to play their cards. The casino is a great place to start making big money, and players can try their luck with a few rounds of Blackjack.

GTA V Blackjack is not the only game players can eat while visiting the GTA V casino. In fact, there are several games that will allow players to pay money faster. Lucky Wheel can be twisted once a day to get money, chips, clothes or a car.

Slot Machines pull at random, but can reward a player with a lot of money. Players can bet on horses with Inside Track Casino. And there are more traditional casino experiences like Roulette and Three-Card Poker. But this guide will focus on how to play and win GTA V Blackjack.

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GTA V Blackjack: How to Play

Before playing GTA V Blackjack, players will need to purchase a $ 500 casino membership from the person at the front table and will need to purchase some chips to get started. Members get the first bonus of 1,000 chips, and players can spin Lucky Wheel to get a chance to win more chips. After that, go to the Blackjack tables near the area with the casino window and it’s time to play.

GTA V Blackjack

GTA V Blackjack: How to Win

Blackjack’s goal is to score 21 points by adding numbers to the cards the player is working on. However, if a player’s hand exceeds 21 points they will lose immediately. In GTA V, the player will be playing with a dealer who is also trying to score 21 points.

To beat the dealer in GTA V Blackjack, the player will need to get exactly 21 points, the dealer will need to exceed 21 points, or the player will need to bring their total score to 21 points from that of the dealer. For example, if a player has 19 points, they may want to hold on to see what the dealer is pulling.

GTA V Blackjack

If the dealer stays in GTAhan 19 below the player wins. However, if both the player and the dealer get 21 points, it means they are drawn. A player can bet as many chips as he wants, and he will earn twice if the player is able to win.

Use this to play and win GTA V Blackjack, until then happy gaming.