Bloons TD 6: Guide on CHIMPS Mode | Remarkable Tips & Tricks

Bloons TD 6 has something named CHIMPS mode that will make you crazy, and this guide is explaining all the minute deets.

Chimps mode in Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6: Time has changes and games have much more easy and accessible than they were ever before. If we go back 10 years down the line,  then we could clearly realize that the games were much difficult to play then. It cannot be neglected that the walk-throughs, tutorials, and other such information have made the gaming more smooth and easy. However,  you are fond of thrills, then you can choose the other way out.

BTD 6 Chimps mode

You should have the gut to be the first to play by yourself instead of tutorials or walk-throughs. However,  you are not restricted to search for solutions when stuck in a part of the game. So, here is a common question that has come from the players, ‘What is CHIMPS mode in Bloons TD 6?’

what is chimps mode in bloons td 6

CHIMPS a Level of Difficulty in Bloons TD 6:

Bloons TD 6 has its 3 difficulty level modes where you can find easy, medium, and difficult modes to play in. The three difficulty levels again are divided with several permutations to avail greater options for players. The highest degree of difficulty level is hard with Impoppable as permutation. In this mode,  the players don’t have any extra lives or the towers are very expensive, or any other kind of limitations. If a player is able to go on winning with this difficulty level, then he gets the privilege to unlock the CHIMPS mode,  which is even difficult than the hardest permutation of the difficulty.

Chimps mode in Bloons TD6

“C.H.I.M.P.S.” The Acronym in Bloons TD 6:

Here is the breakdown of CHIMPS that will let you understand it better:

  1. No Continues: If you lose at any point in the game, then you will be thrown to the start again. You cannot continue from where you left.
  2. No Hearts lost: You don’t have extra lives to revive yourself where you lost.
  3. No Income: You cannot generate money from any mode except popping Bloons. Though the money-generating towers and other sources would be there but will be mostly inactive.
  4. No Monkey Knowledge: Any benefits and bonuses you’d normally gain from Monkey Knowledge points and the skill tree are disabled. You’re doing this one vanilla.
  5. No Powers: All your powers, including Insta-Monkeys, will not be available. This mode will block all the shortcuts.
  6. No Selling: Once you buy and place a tower, you cannot sell it to get your money back. You will be privileged to move it around through the support of Chinook’s Reposition ability.

Bloons TD 6 chimp mode

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