Guide to Valheim: 5 useful tips for beginners!

Valheim has become one of the most played and loved survival craft game in the gaming world. The Norse mythology-based Viking survival game puts you amid uncertainty and a vast world, consisting of several biomes and dangers. There is so much to do, find, craft, farm, fight and build in Valheim that you will hardly get bored of it. But one thing is to take an account of, that the world of Valheim can be very fruitful but is quite a challenging one to withstand.

Useful Tips For Beginners

If you are trying the game out for yourselves and don’t have much background knowledge on how the survival game works, the chances of you dying in the game multiple times is very high. This guide and the mentioned five important and useful tips should help you along the way.

1. Craft tools and weapons

Tools and weapons play the most important role in your survival journey, without them you can’t craft the most basic things. Try crafting stone axes, pickaxes, hammer, club, crude bow and wood arrow, etc. that will help you cut trees and gather wood, that is to be used to make further important things early in the game, hunt animals to gather food, etc.


2. Build a Shelter and a Campfire

If you have seen the trailer, you would know you can sail the waters, find new lands, fight giants and mythical creatures in your quest to be worthy to Odin. But diving headfirst to that is not a great choice to make early in the game. Valheim heavily emphasizes its survival aspect, meaning the art of survival is the most important and recurring theme that is to be maintained.

The second thing to do is protect yourself from the harms of the surroundings and have a place to stay and sleep through the night. Building a shelter should be your second choice of action. Use the tools to create a small shelter to get by before your progress further into the game.

3. Explore the nearby land

Try getting more information about your background and the surroundings. Look what is useful and what can cause a danger to your survival. As mentioned earlier, Valheim’s world is vast so don’t roam far and challenge alarming things. Build and get a whole of the basic survival aspect of the game first.

4. Don’t engage in early Boss Fights

If you are new to this type of game genre, it would be wise to establish and learn the basic necessities and rules first before you engage in Boss fights. Bosses in Valheim are pretty difficult to beat, even the first one can be very challenging. Without owning a proper weapon and armour, you will eventually lose the fight and die multiple time in the process. Try to avoid boss fights until your stock of basic weapons and armour reaches a decent level.


5. Manage Inventory Space

Exploring the land where you spawn in and gathering resources nearby is a great way to learn new things and craft helpful items. But your inventory has only 32 item slots, meaning there can only be 32 items you can carry on you. Valheim has a fixed inventory space so keep what’s important to you and leave the ones that are not needed. You must carry food, weapons and tools like these will always come in handy and worth the space they take.


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