Guide to Valheim: Easy way to craft and use Carts!

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For a difficult survival craft game like Valheim, gathering resources is always a great thing to do. It may range from food to minerals, metals, building materials, etc. In Valheim, the inventory space you have on you is not a lot and is limited. Even though you can store your stuff into chests as a storage improvement, carrying more materials at once can be solved with that as Chests have no wheels. 

Unless you want to work like ants, by grouping together with your friends in co-op, and gather resources and transporting them through your inventory to your base or desired location, there is a better way (It is like a chest with wheels but better and more logical). You can easily craft a Cart in Valheim to store and travel more excessive items together. It is a more efficient way to do your job in every way possible.

How to craft a Cart in Valheim?

A cart is very easy to craft and will hook you up with 18 slots of storage and does not have any weight limit to it. On discovering Bronze nails, you will unlock the recipe to make the Cart. Be sure that you already have a Smelter, along with a Forge to craft it.

Materials required to craft a Cart:

  • 20 Wood
  • 20 Bronze Nails


Now, when you have gathered all the required materials, go to your Hammer and navigate to the MISC tab. From there, use the materials to craft yourself one and be sure to do this with a workbench nearby.

How to use the Cart?

Just go to the back of the cart, i.e. the storage area, and press ‘E’ to access its slot. There you can place your items and once you are done, go to the front of the cart, i.e. near the two handlebars, and press ‘E’ again to start pulling it with you.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cart can not be destroyed through your hammer for its resources, but it is prone to damage. It has a specific health bar to it and upon dealing with heavy damage, it will be destroyed.

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About Valheim

Valheim is a massive Open-world based Viking survival craft video game. The game is immensely influenced by Norse mythology and it’s huge map provides players with a lot of things to do, find and kill. The game is quite challenging where players will often die but the rewards are really worth the effort. It can be played in singleplayer or in co-op multiplayer with up to 2-10.


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