Guide to Valheim: Easy way to Fast Travel with Portals

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As we have mentioned many times in the past, Valheim has a lot of great features and stuffs spread out wide in the game. When you were first thrown into the land of Valheim, fast travel should have been one of your least concerns at that time. People who have played Valheim will all tell you the same thing about the game’s map, that it is huge. And a huge map requires a hefty amount of travelling to reach the required destination and base. Thus, walking never seems to be a great idea.

But don’t worry, the developers have thought it through and included fast travel in Valheim that can be accessed through crafting portals in the game. Many games in the past, present and future with huge maps have this feature of fast travel for more accessibility. At first, walking or sailing might seem a bit more realistic and cool but Valheim has a pretty big world making fast travel necessary.


How to craft portals in Valheim?

This is also one of the features that are not available in the first few minutes of the game. You would need some time worth of investing in the game where your level would have these things in handy; a bronze axe and fine wood. A bronze axe can be crafted by wood, bronze and leather scraps and the finished product will be able to chop down Birch and Oak trees to achieve fine wood.

All materials required to make portals

Three main components that are required to make one portal are graydwarf eyes, fine wood and surtling cores. Also, you would need to make at least two portals at different places to connect them with each other as a single portal will never work for very obvious reasons. The amount of these components required to make a single portal are: 

  • 20 fine wood
  • 10 graydwarf eyes
  • 2 surtling cores
  • A nearby workbench


To gather graydwarf eyes, players need to kill graydwarves and collect them while surtling cores can be found by exploring the Burial Chambers in The Black Forest biome. After achieving the required components, just go to the desired destination for the portal with a workbench nearby and navigate to the ‘Misc’ tab in your hammer’s crafting menu.

Connecting two portals with tags

After building your first portal, you can interact with it by pressing ‘E’ that unlocks a little panel where you can type a name tag for it. Naming your portals is very important as the name tags connect two portals with each other. For example, if you have set up a portal at your base with a name tag ‘Mountains’ and another one somewhere in the mountain biome with the same tag, they will be connected to each other. In simple words, you can fast travel to the mountain biome from your base with the portal at your base and return to it by fast travelling through the portal at the mountain biome. 

One thing to keep in mind is that these tags are case sensitive so be sure to name the portals accurately. For example, portal 1 named ‘Mountains’ will be connected with portal 2 that is also named ‘Mountains’ but will not connect to portal 3 that is named ‘mountains’.

Also, you would really need a single portal at your base to operate with the other ones scattered in the huge world. All you would need then is to change the name tag of the portal at your base to the one you want to travel to. For example, you have two portals outside your base, one name tagged ‘Forest’ and another one tagged as ‘Mountains’. Then you don’t need to craft two different portals at the base for them as only a single one would do. Just change the name tag of the base portal with ‘Forest’ or ‘Mountains’ depending on where you want to go and they will be inter-connected.

Some Metals and Portals

Fast travel is really very helpful in the game but some things can not travel through these portals with you. These are mainly metals and ores and here is the list of which are incapable of such a journey:

  • Tin and tin Ore
  • Copper and copper ore
  • Bronze
  • Iron and iron ore
  • Silver and silver ore
  • Black metal

Valheim Portals

We also are not a huge fan of this idea but maybe it was implemented to make the game as hard as it is. Transporting metal with portals would have been a very vital process in the game making it a bit easy and safe. But one thing Valheim indulges hugely upon is its difficulty. 


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