Guide to Valheim: Easy way to find Silver


The Norse mythology-based survival craft video game, Valheim has a lot of things to offer. Although the game puts heavy emphasis on Norse mythology and defeating game bosses, it is still a survival game and survival is the most vital. If you have played the game or even seen its trailer then I am sure you have seen ‘You Died’ being flashed multiple times.

Why is Silver important?

Gathering minerals, metals and resources are a huge deal in Valheim, apart from building bases, fighting enemies, preparing food and other activities. At the beginning of the game, you would easily come across the whereabouts of bronze and its uses and all. On further progress in the game, you will come across iron, plenty of it but it will not be enough to keep you alive by further progression. There comes the important role of a better metal in every aspect, yes we are talking about silver. But the question still remains, how to get it?

How to get Silver in Valheim?

Valheim has a lot of stuff that requires proper grind and time investment in the game to surface and silver is one of them. You won’t stumble upon silver at the beginning of the game for very obvious reasons. The destination for silver is hidden in the cold and snow-covered mountain biome of the game. But be sure you have defeated Bonemass as the battle will reward you with a ‘Wishbone’ that will come in handy in the silver quest.

player preparing night woods valheim

Defeating Bonemass clearly states your knowledge and skill in the game so far as optimal for the further dangerous quest of silver in the mountains. Also, silver is not present in the entirety of the mountain biome but is often found more along with larger mountain biomes. The silver ores are rarely present above the ground than beneath it and the Wishbone you will be carrying will notify you when you are around some.


Silver ore can only be mined with an iron pickaxe so be sure to have a few on you. These can now be smelted into some silver which comes in handy to make stronger armour, weapons, cape, etc. Everything is sequential as the metal sage should progress like silver after iron after bronze. It is important to go through every basic step as everything will count as you ascend further in your journey.


We hope that this guide has helped you in your quest and be sure to follow us for similar Valheim guides, tips & tricks, and more.