Guide to Valheim: Easy way to obtain the Fishing Rod

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Valheim is an ever-growing and positively emerging survival craft game. The game puts a huge emphasis on Vikings and Norse mythology that can be easily found in the game in abundance. The mythical land of Valheim is hard and huge to survive in this sometimes unforgiving land, one needs to develop certain skills.

These skills range from gathering resources, crafting weapons, fighting, building, hunting, etc. Just because there is a flying beast over your head doesn’t mean you can order a pizza. You need to learn and use basic hunting tactics to obtain food and cook them to have a meal. Fishing also plays a huge role in the game just like most of the survival genre inherits. Valheim’s land has all kinds of relief and water bodies in abundance, meaning fishing is a great way to gather food.

The game has the feature of fishing with a fishing rod which is quite hard to obtain but is worth the effort. We will tell you about it and how you can get one for yourself and use it.

Where to get the fishing rod in Valheim?

Lucky for us, we don’t have to mine to the core of any mountains or craft rare items to gain the fishing rod. There is currently one way to obtain the thing and it can be quite hard. The fishing rod can only be obtained via purchase from a merchant named Haldor. This nice gentleman can be found near the Black Forest and will sell you the commodity for a whopping price of 350 gold coins.

While you are at it, don’t forget to buy some fishing bait for it otherwise it wouldn’t be of much use to you. 50 units of fishing bait generally go for around 10 gold coins in the Valheim market. So be sure you have at least 360 gold coins on you. 


You won’t likely have 360 gold coins on you if you have just started the game, it should take some time and it would be worth it. So if you are a beginner, this should be at the bottom of your list with building base, shelter, food, crafting weapons, fighting a few bosses, etc. at the top.

How to use the fishing rod?

You can’t fish on soil, for now (and will never be) in Valheim, so stand near a waterbody that has fish. Then simply just equip the fishing rod and your fishing bait will get hooked in the process. Hold left-click to cast the fishing line, facing the water (the longer you hold left-click, the further the line will be cast). 

Then it is just normal fishing-like, the bobblehead of the line will float on the water and it will go down in the water on the impact of a catch’s thrust with the text ‘Hooked’ on your screen. You can then hold right-click to retrieve the line by using your stamina (note: this takes major stamina so do it regarding your stamina bar’s condition). Once the fish is out with the fishing line, press ‘E’ to pick it up.


This might always not be the case and you may find yourself to be unlucky so keep trying until you succeed. Be sure to follow us for more Vaheim guides, tips and tricks!