Guide to Valheim: Easy way to find and farm honey

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Valheim is a survival craft game that is always peaking in popularity with more days passing. The game is heavily based and influenced by Norse Mythology with survival being a key aspect. The graphics and visuals of the game are pretty but not something revolutionary, then what makes the game so special? It is its huge open-world experience with many features lurking in the game.

Like crafting boats, building settlements, portals, weapons, preparing food, etc. There is so much to do in Valheim, one of the many features in the game is finding honey and farming it for self-use in one’s survival. As always, finding and farming bees should be your secondary concern if you have just started the game. 

Where to find Queen Bee in Valheim?

If you want to find honey with the intentions of farming it, you will need to find a Queen bee. To search queen bee, you would need to explore and search around the Meadows biome. Meadows biome is the first biome players will have access to before upscaling in the game so it would be a great mission to start off after gathering food and shelter.

In the Meadows biome, there are few towers and abandoned homes scattered around the map. Such institutions occasionally are a great place to find beehives on land. But don’t approach it head first as it is never a good idea to run towards a beehive. On locating a beehive, players need to maintain a proper physical distance and use a bow to destroy the beehive without injecting any self-damage.

After that, check the wreckage out for some available honey and see if there is a queen bee in sight. This way of gathering honey is not economical that is why farming honey is the best option. The Queen bee you manage to get will help you in your honey farming operation.


How to craft your own Honey bee farm?

Creating a bee farm will hook you up with an adequate supply of honey throughout your survival quest. The components required to craft a honey bee hive are:

  • A Queen Bee
  • 10 Pieces of Wood
  • And a workbench nearby

A beehive requires about 20 minutes to produce a single piece of honey and one can produce up to 4 pieces of honey at a time. Thus building multiple beehives is the safest and fastest choice to gather honey. Each honey bee hive requires individual Queen bees so keep that in mind.

Bees are aggressive animals when it comes to their home, just like in real life. They will get aggressive towards anyone nearby on being threatened. So if your bee farm’s area gets frequently attacked by greydwarves or similar mobs, it is highly suggested to build a wall of protection around them as a part of reinforcement and safety to self.

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The Usefulness of Honey in Valheim

Honey is one of the important necessities in Valheim’s world of survival. Eating a piece of honey usually adds 20 HP and 20 Stamina to the players as well as a 5HP per tick of healing for 300 seconds. Honey is also required for several other preparations as a base so the supply should always be filled.


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