Guide to Valheim: Survive the Mountain Biome with ease!


Valheim, the enormously popular Viking adventure and survival craft game has just sold more than 6 million copies just as an early-access release. The various things to do, craft and find in Valheim’s gigantic map, which is scattered in different biomes, keeps things very interesting. One of such biomes is the Mountain biome and surviving it is not as easy as you may think.

The Mountain Biome in Valheim

The Mountain biome is not just any other biome in Valheim, the sheerness of the cold surrounded the mountains is difficult to fight off. There are plenty of other things that will provide a great challenge to you like packs of hungry wolves, Drakes, Stone Golem, Fenring and if you are feeling confident, you may summon Moder for some real challenge.

But higher the risk produces high rewards, you will find one of the most important metals in the mountains, i.e. Silver in the forms of ores, Obsidian, Dragon egg, Dragon tear, Moder Power, Wolves to tame and make friends with and more. But survival is the prime thing you should be concerned about in the Mountain biome. There are two vital points that you must cover in this region, i) Settlement and eliminating cold and ii) Defense and protection.

1) Settlement and Eliminating Cold

You may or may not choose to build a house in the Mountain biome but it’s totally up to you if you desire. The best thing you may do is create a temporary shelter to live in until you have set up a Portal connected to your main base, be that in Meadows or the Black Forest or anywhere else. Just travel there at your convenience and complete your task and return to a comfy place.

While roaming in the Mountain biome, your character will be affected by its cold and it may affect your HP. There are some ways you can eliminate this momentarily like by,

  • Drinking Frost Resistance Mead
  • Wearing Wolf Armor Chest
  • Wearing Lox Cape
  • Wearing Wolf Fur Cape
  • Staying near a Campfire

Valheim Mountains Biome Guide

2) Defence and Protection

The second most vital thing to achieve is to be set up with the proper and strong gear as there are a lot of hostiles in the mountain biome. We prefer full Wolf chest and leg armour, a Wolf fur cape which will keep you away from freezing too, and Drake Helmet. All of these can be made with the silver you will find in the region. But before you get hands to any silver ore, you can arm yourself with Iron armour which should be effective to its best.


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