Guide to Valheim: Where to find Ashlands Biome [The Easy Way!]

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Valheim is one of the most popular games in the world right now and the stats are there for its verification. Valheim was released under Early-Access just one and a half months ago and it has managed to sell nearly 6 million copies worldwide and a concurrent player base that is invested in the game. The Norse mythology base Viking survival craft game is as good as it sounds.

One of Valheim’s key points is there are so many things you can build, craft, find, defeat, etc. in the game’s huge map region, it is crazy. Valheim’s world may not be infinite but it is as huge and diverse as it can get with a mix of difficulties and challenges that sets you apart from getting fly past the game. The game’s developers at Iron Gate AB studio have shared that they planned for a total of nine different biomes in the game but nearly half of them are available in the game as of now in its Early-access launch.

What is the Ashlands Biome in Valheim?

One of such diverse and unfinished biomes is the Ashlands biome and we have a lot to talk about. Each game in Valheim is set on different seeds that are auto-generated or may manually input. This means that every world in Valheim may differ from player to player so there’s no specific location for said biomes as they will surely differ between each other’s world.

As mentioned above, the Ashlands biome is currently one of the unfinished biomes in the game and is still in the process of development. The developers however mentioned that the Ashlands biome should spawn around the southernmost part of every world, as for an unfinished project. This means, even if the player’s worlds are different, the Ashlands biome is located the same for everybody momentarily.


Where to find the Ashlands Biome?

You would need a Longboat or a Kraven to sail around the waters and head to the southwards part of your world to find the mysterious land yourselves. The biome is rather easy to locate as the smoke and red fire feel of the land can visibly be felt from a distance. The biome is covered with ash, as the name suggests, so you can’t miss out.

get flamental ore in valheim

The biome is not finished for the live game, and it doesn’t feature any actual challenges, hostile creatures, bosses or a variety of resources for now. However, players will find some surtlings roaming here and there on this land along with some Flamental Ore to be harvested from the glowing metal that is scattered around the land. Though Flamental Ore is of no use in the game’s current state, you may still find it amusing as a reward to find the land.

When this actually will be added to the game is uncertain for now but the Mistlands biome is the developers’ prior concern. So we can expect it to come once the Mistlands is added to Valheim. So let’s just wait and get the most out of the game as it is now.

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