Guide to Valheim: Easy way to unlock and Craft Draugr fang!

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Valheim has a fine selection of weapons and armours that you can choose from based on your likings and preferability. In our recent post, we talked about the two different categories of arrows and discussed ‘Elemental arrows‘ elaborately and how to craft them. This article focuses on the other side of the spectrum, the bows, one in particular.

There are four types of bows that you can craft in Valheim, each having different aspects to themselves. They are named Crude bow, Finewood bow, Huntsman bow and Draugr Fang bow. This last one is different from its counterparts and it is not something you can get right of the bag. We will tell you everything about how to unlock and craft one for your use in Valheim.

What is a Draugr Fang Bow in Valheim?

It is the fourth and ultimate tier bow that you can have in the game. This is a gorgeous and lethal-looking bow that is carved from the bark of ancient trees, handles wrapped with deer hide and forged with silver to make it one of its kind. It also possesses the special ability that makes it separate from other bows, it is the ability to deal with poison damage along with normal pierce damage. This is why it requires a mixture of guck to complement its venomous take to the attacks. It glows blue in colour with glistening sinew at night that looks vicious.

How to unlock Draugr Fang?

As mentioned before, you will not have access to this bow right at the start of the game. You will unlock it eventually when you have found the required components to forge this lethal supplement to the deathly arrows. That means, once you have found Ancient Bark, Silver metal and guck, you will have unlocked the recipes to make one of these for yourself.

Draugr Fang


Draugr Fang Statistics

There are four different quality of Draugr Fang that can be made through Forge level 2, 3, 4 and 5. We will talk about the first one that you can craft at Forge level 2.


  • Pierce Damage- 47
  • Poison Damage- 5
  • Knockback- 20
  • Backstab- 3x


  • Block Power- 5
  • Parry Force- 0
  • Parry Bonus- 1.5x


  • Durability: 100
  • Movement Speed: -5%


Components required to Craft Draugr Fang

To forge this vicious bow that deals both Pierce and poison damage with every shot, you would need these items:

  • 20 Silver
  • 10 Ancient bark
  • 10 Guck
  • 2 Deer hide
  • Others: You would require access to a smelter, forge and workbench for the entire process.


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