Guide to Valheim: Easy way to craft Artisan Table, Spinning Wheel and more!

Everyone’s favourite Norse mythology-based survival craft game, Valheim, has some more tricks and features up its sleeve that few don’t know about. There are a lot of things to do, find craft, etc. in this game and a huge portion of such useful and resourceful crafting is bonded with the Artisan table. The event of unlocking the Artisan Table will grant you the ability to craft a few more things through it, this includes the Spinning wheel, Blast furnace and Windmill.

We will guide you on your way to craft your own Artisan table in Valheim and more features that come with it.

What is an Artisan Table in Valheim?

It is a constructive structure, more precisely, a crafting station that will come in handy on your further quest in Valheim. This crafting station is necessary to craft Windmill, Spinning wheel and Blast furnace in the game.


How to craft the Artisan Table in Valheim?

The first thing you need to do to craft yourself an Artisan table is defeating Moder, the fourth game boss in Valheim. This huge aggressive dragon ‘Moder’ can be found along with the Mountain biome. It is a Wyvern with black scales and with white hair, quite easy to spot and is distinguishable if you’d ask me. It can be summoned by obtaining three Dragon eggs and placing them at the sacrificial altar that can be found in the Mountain biome. Valheim is a ‘seed’ based game, i.e. different people’s game has different seed hence the specific location is random for every case and it needs to be discovered by thorough search.

Defeating Moder will grant the player with three item drops, these are: i) Dragon tear, ii) Moder Trophy and iii) Moder Power. This will simultaneously unlock the Craft of Artisan Table.

Components required to craft an Artisan Table:
  • 2 Dragon Tears
  • 10 Wood

moder new

Now, once you have acquired these items, just select your ‘Hammer’ from your inventory, go to it’s crafting tab and navigate to the ‘Artisan Table’ blueprint. Then just put it down into the desired location and you will be done. Now you can use this Artisan Table to craft Spinning Wheel, Blast Furnace and Windmill in the game. The components required to make those are comparatively easier to find and chances are you already have them.

  • Components required to craft a Spinning wheel
    • 20 Fine Wood
    • 10 Iron Nails
    • 5 Leather scraps
  • Components required to craft Windmill
    • 30 Iron Nails
    • 30 Wood
    • 20 Stone
  • Components required to craft Blast Furnace
    • 20 Stone
    • 20 Fine Wood
    • 10 Iron
    • 5 Surtling Core

This new builds will surely be helpful for you in your further survival as a Viking in the brutal land of Valheim. Be sure to follow us for the latest Valheim guides, tips & tricks, and much more!