Here’s how you can use the new Steam update from Valve

The update lets users without a steam account to join and play games

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Steam’s Remote Play Together feature gives users the option to play games with others, even if the invited users don’t have the game in their library. فيلم اللعبة الامريكية But the latest update takes the feature to a new level. it allows users who don’t have Steam installed or a Steam account, to be invited. It has already been launched in the beta clients of Steam and enables Steam users to invite users who don’t use Steam to participate in the game.

However, the feature only works on a selection of games up until now and requires that every participating user has Steam installed and a Steam account.


About the feature:

The invite links have to be created by the Steam user provided to others. For the users who do not have a Steam or a Steam account, a prompt to install the Steam Link application will appear; this app is then used to enable the Remote Play Together functionality.


Here is what you need to do to make use of the new feature:

  1. Currently, it is only available in Steam Beta; it will be released in stable versions eventually, however.
    • To join the beta, select View > Settings > Account > Change under Beta Participation, and join the Beta program. A restart is required.
  2. Open your library.
  3. Select the filter icon at the top.
  4. Pick the “Remote Play Together” filter to list all games that support the feature.
  5. Start one of the games.
  6. Open your Friends list.
  7. An icon to copy the Remote Play Together link is provided at the top. ترتيب بوكر
  8. Send that link to a friend.

For now,

Steam Link App is available for Windows, Raspberry Pi, Google Android, and Apple iOS. This feature only works on some titles and can only be used to invite only one non-steam user. بوكر كونكر it certainly will improve in the future.