Hitman 3: Guide to Find the Case File in Death in the Family

HItman 3 Death in the Family

HItman 3 Death in the Family: Death in the Family is a goal tied to Hitman 3’s Dartmoor, and includes many mandatory purposes. One of these goals instructs players to obtain a Case File, and that can be achieved in two different ways. It is the purpose of this guide to provide details on both of these ways to get Case File in Hitman 3, and it should help players complete the task more easily.

Hitman 3 Death in the Family Mission

The first way to find the Case File in Hitman 3 Death in the Family is simply to complete the mystery of the murder in the center of Hitman’s 3rd mission. Eventually, following the steps provided will lead players to a conversation with Alexa Carlisle, and they will receive a Case File as a direct reward from him.

Alternatively, fans may sacrifice solving the mystery instead of stealing the Case File if that’s their favorite for HItman 3 Death in the Family. Hitman 3 players interested in following this path should first enter the city mansion, remove Bodyguard, and use their clothing as a cover.

HItman 3 Death in the Family

They then have to go to Alexa Carlisle’s office on the second floor of the manor and make a button work on the arm of the desk chair to expose the nearby wall safe.

Now fans have to unlock what is safe, and this was done by coding in 1975. For those players who are curious about how this code was obtained, there are four symbols on the wall above the safe, and each indicates something that cannot be found inside the office for HItman 3 Death in the Family.

Fans who take the time to discover all of these items will find that there are numbers listed next to them, and in fact those numbers form a combination of the Dartmoor filter when combined.

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With the code in place, players are free to collect Case File, and should get an immediate indication that they have completed the related goal once that has been done. These fans can go ahead and remove Alexa Carlisle, if they haven’t already done so, and then move on to other areas of the new stealth game for HItman 3 Death in the Family.

Indeed, players will still have never seen the popularity of Berlin, Chongqing, and more in this category of Hitman 3, and indeed there are many massacres that need to be made.

Use this guide for HItman 3 Death in the Family, until then happy gaming.