How to become a Zombie in Warzone?


With Warzone Season 3 getting ready to launch, Call of Duty have the transition to move from season 2 to 3. They are planning to nuke Verdansk, and with the containment level reaching 100%, zombies could be released all over the map. Some of these spots on the map are radiation zones and allow the user to have a unique experience- to become a zombie.

How to become a zombie:

To become one, it is essential that you play Warzone with at least one other person. Go to the areas marked with red circles on the map. These red circles are radiation zones and when you die in these particular circles, you will rise as a zombie. 


However, if you are the last man standing in your team, you will not be able to turn into a zombie and will be game over. Moreover, you can only be a zombie if there are people in your team who are still human. If the last human player dies, so too will all the other zombies.  


Being a zombie has its advantages. You get special access to a gas grenade, a charged jump and an EMP blast. Furthermore, along with these benefits, you can also see your enemies in purple, in a type of UAV which will help you find them easily. 


This chance to become a zombie will not last for long as Warzone has its own plans to follow with season 3 soon approaching. Hence, do follow this guide to take up a never-been before chance to become a zombie.