How to Complete the Fortnite NBA The Crossover Challenges

How to Complete the Fortnite NBA The Crossover Challenges 1

Fortnite has managed to get an NBA crossover in their latest update and the latest challenges are in. The crossover is live in-game, and this guide will help you figure out how to complete all the challenges, as well as collect coins from the Court Crashers.


Fortnite NBA The Crossover Challenges:

Here are the Fortnite NBA Challenges:

  • Visit the NBA Creative Hub
  • Play one match of “Court Crashers”
  • Collect coins in “Court Crashers”
  • Complete all “The Crossover” Challenges

Fortnite NBA The Crossover Challenges 1

There are currently 4 NBA crossover challenges. Don’t worry, we are here to help you through each of them.

How to Visit the NBA Creative Hub in Fortnite:

This can get a bit tricky, and players need to pay attention. First, you need to change your matchmaking mode to ‘creative’ to visit the NBA Creative Hub. Then, start the game, and choose ‘my games’ and from the 4 options. Wait for a minute for the game to load, and then enter the Hub. 

How to Visit the NBA Creative Hub in Fortnite 1

Play a match of “Court Crashers”:

This is rather simple. Go to the list of games, and enter a match of Court Crashers. Court Crashers is based on points, by flying into hoops. Try going for hoops are the back, as they are worth more points, and sometimes, specific ones are double points.


Collect coins in “Court Crashers”:

Slide down the main ramp and try to position yourself to land within the hoop. You get points by getting through the hoop.  You can try getting quick points via ‘air balls’ by simply missing the target.


Complete all “The Crossover” Challenges:

You complete this automatically if you complete the other 3.


Enjoy the new Fortnite x NBA Crossover.