How to deposit money in GTA Online?


GTA Online has been catching up with a few audiences recently, and with more and more people trying it out for the first time, there are a number of basic tasks that you may not know how to do. Such tasks could be depositing money in the game, which is one of the most important tasks to do.


How to deposit money in GTA Online?

Depositing money is important in the game as someone can kill you and take up all your money. Hence, it is important to deposit money every once in a while. There are 2 main paths you can follow: Through your phone or ATM.


Through your phone:

How to Deposit Money in GTA Online

To deposit money through your phone, you just need to pop it open, and go to the internet icon. Move to the Money and Services tab and select Maze Bank. 

How to Deposit Money in GTA Online Maze Bank 1

Open it and deposit any amount you want. You can only do so in increments, but it is definitely the most convenient method out there.


Through an ATM:

How to Deposit Money in GTA Online Quick GPS

ATMs are scattered throughout Los Santos and you can find them easily on the map as well. You can use the GPS option to help you find one easily as well. This will navigate you to your closest ATM and help you deposit cash. 


This a very basic concept but it is a good guide for first-timers to learn how to deposit their money!