Monster Hunter Rise: How to Find Toxic Kumori in Monster Hunter Rise

The insects are very hard to find


As Peter Parker always says, he isn’t an insect, he is an arachnid. Though it’s a common misconception to grouping spiders among insects, however, people are ignorant. اليورو ٢٠٢١

If you want to know as to what exactly makes a spider differ from the insects, then remember that insects are organisms having six legs, whereas a spider has eight legs and spiders don’t possess common insect traits like antennae or wings.

And before you ask me as to why the Toxic Kumori in Monster Hunter Rise is defined as an Insect and not an arachnid, then remember that we are gamers and not biologists, so it doesn’t matter. So coming to the game, in the Monster Hunter Rise, the Toxic Kumori, is a highly poisonous species of wild insect, and is also one of the special weapon and armor crafting materials in Monster Hunter Rise that can’t be obtained out in the wild.

So, the only way to obtain this insect, not arachnid, is by trading for them from Rondine over at the Argosy.

How to Find Toxic Kumori in Monster Hunter Rise

When hunters are deployed from the Argosy to search for certain items and materials, there’s a chance to uncover special bonus items during the search. While searching for certain herbs and plants, there is a high chance that the feelers will pick up bonus Toxic Kumaris. أتلتيكو مدريد اللاعبون The specific materials to hunt for are:

  • Herb
  • Antidote Herb
  • Fire Herb
  • Flowers
  • Sleep Herb
  • Snow Herb
  • Sun scorned Grass
  • Ivy

But there are also some prerequisites to get the hunting expedition to a successful end.


First, complete all the Argosy side-quests so that it will have all three of its hunter submarines ready to deploy.


Secondly, make sure you have three decent-leveled buddies on hand to pilot the submarines and run your searches. You want to work hard and quickly so to collect as much stuff as quickly as possible. تطبيق المراهنات


Finally, if your buddies are at least level 15, you can use Buddy Bargaining to increase the speed to finish the tasks in exchange for points.

Just follow the above steps and if luck is on your side then you will have a good harvest of Toxic Kumari