How to get Rambo and John McClane in Warzone

How to get Rambo and John McClane in Warzone

John Rambo has been trending after Activision decided to roll out new characters in its Call of Duty Warzone game. Last week saw Activision posting videos of 80’s Action Heroes to drum up excitement for the release of new characters. Along with Rambo, Bruce Willis’ John McClane is also coming to COD. We are here to tell you how to pick them up.


Rambo and McClane:

The 80’s action heroes go live on 20th May 5 pm PT, but make sure you visit the in-game shop and buy the 80’s Action Heroes bundle beforehand. The bundle includes skins for McClane and Rambo, and will be able to equip them as soon as you buy it.

How to get Rambo and John McClane in Warzone Rambo Pack

You can use your COD points to buy the bundle as well via the in-game shop section. However, it is quite expensive as it will cost you around 2,400 CP to buy the bundle, which is standard for any premium COD bundle. This bundle comes along with skins, blue prints and other cosmetics as well. However, if it only comes with skins, the price could be cheaper.

There will be 2 distinct Die Hard Operator Bundle and Rambo Operator Bundle (Tracer Packs). This will be available for a limited time only.