How to Unlock Coarse Thread in V Rising!

In V Rising, if you want to find and locate Coarse Thread which is one of the legendary materials used for crafting items, then this guide is for you.


If you’ve been playing V Rising you certainly are aware of how important materials such as Coarse Thread are in crafting numerous articles. Keep scrolling through this article to know how and where you can get your hands on these.

How to Get Hands on the Coarse Thread:

A bad thing about this Coarse thread is that you can’t craft this material at time of writing like other items such as stone Bricks and Stone Dust, so the only way to get these is loot it from various enemies as well as the containers lying near their castles.

Find these Locations:

Particularly you can go looking out at various Bandit Camps as well as Farbane Woods, these locations are marked on the map and highlighted as important loot.

V-Rising-Coarse-Threads-How-to-get-to-the-same-height There will be green circles around Bandit Trapper camp as well as Bandit Logging Camp indicating them to be the best places if you want to go on farming materials.

Accompanied Information:

Apart from the Coarse Thread you will also get Leather and Animal Hide around the trapper camp, Planks around the Logging camp, and paper around Bandit camps. So going around these camps will serve you only good and as per your choice, you can certainly go for additional materials present in the proximity.


Potential Threats and Rewards:

You may have a face-off with V Rising’s Kelly the Forest Archer and Rufus The Foreman at the Tapper and Logging camp, if you go on defeating these level 20 bosses you will be awarded various rewards.


The forest archer will provide

  • Traveler’s wrap.
  • Empty canteen.
  • Leather recipes.

The Foreman will provide

  • Woodworking bench.
  • Hunter’s crossbow.
  • Fishing pole.
  • Sculptured wood.
  • Painting frame recipes.

V Rising How to Get Coarse Thread

Hope you get the coarse thread as well as the related rewards on your journey of collecting the Coarse threads and don’t forget to share this article with your friends to help them out on their venture of collection. Also, if you like this article do follow us