How to unlock the AMP63 in Cold War and Warzone

AMP63 1

There is some exciting news for COD fans. The new AMP63 pistol is finally available for use in Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone. According to the weapon tooltip, the AMP63 is a full-auto pistol with a fast fire rate, improved bullet velocity, and moderate recoil. It has reliable damage output at close range, making it an excellent secondary weapon choice for most loadouts. We have got you covered on how to get this gun.


How to unlock the AMP63 in Cold War and Warzone:

There are various ways to unlock this weapon. The easy way is to pay 1000 CP and purchase the Gamma Ray bundle. The second way is to complete one of the following objectives in either Zombies or Multiplayer in Black Ops Cold War:

  • Zombies: Get 400 Critical Kills using Pistols.
  • Multiplayer: Using a pistol, eliminate five enemies in twenty different completed matches.

Gamma Ray Bundle 1

If you want to choose between Zombies and Multiplayer, Zombies is definitely the quickest. Get into a solo game of Die Maschine, and line up all the zombies. Try to get as many critical kills as possible, so make sure you get those headshots.


In multiplayer, it is more time-consuming but could be fun. We recommend faceoff or a Nuketown match, as those are the quickest games. You will simply need to rack up five kills in twenty different matches, but the downside is you cannot back out.