ICARUS: Guide to Earn Early XP & Reach Level 15 | Easy TIPS & TRICKS

If you want to earn XP and reach level 15 in ICARUS, then read the complete guide.

Icarus XP Earning Guide

Earning XP and a Guide to reach level 15, ICARUS – Hello my gaming partners. Hope you guys are doing well and good. We were getting various requests for a particular game in common. So here we are back again with another exciting guide. This time we are going to guide our buddies in the game ICARUS. We are not only going to help them in gaining XP but also will help them to get to level 15 once for all. So before starting I would request you guys to stay till the end of the set as there are a few things that you guys might miss in between. So let’s start.

Icarus Level 15


This game is completely based on survival. Here you will have to survive by all the means possible. You can scavenge, kill, build, and many things more. In the initial days, you will have to scavenge as you will not have anything on you. But after some days you will find a lot of things. At nights you will have to be careful as there are wolves ready to hunt you. The climate might change its course at any point in time to make things more badly. This game is a complete package of survival skills.

ICARUS, Level 1-5:

So in the initial days, you will have scavenged. It means you have used things that are already used. Here used means corpses of dead animals which are already eaten. You will also have to find small tools such as sticks, stones, food, etc. Then you will have to find a cave to live in. If you have found the basic things then you will unlock Axe and pickaxe. You can use stones and sticks to build an axe. Then you will have to make a stone knife for wolves. Followed by Bow, stone arrows, campfire, and bedroll. The bow is the thing that will help you in gaining the most XP.


ICARUS, Level 5-15:

As you have bow and stone arrows you can hunt bigger animals now including wolves. You can build a wooden stand for hunting as well. Then you can craft a wooden bow and wooden arrows. Try killing as much as possible at first. Then at last get down and collect all the collectibles.it will save a lot of time. Try killing wolves as they travel in packs. Each wolf will add your ex by 1800. If you follow this then you will reach level 15 in no time.

Icarus Level 15 XP Earninng Guide

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