Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision

Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision is a long and deceptive requirement for Immortals Fenyx Rising. The ultimate goal here is to find Aiolos’ Jar, but you will need to solve a few puzzles to do so.

First, there is the matter of how to open the red door. Once you have this, you will need to go down to the Vault of Tartaros called the One-Eyed Giant. There are all sorts of deceptive puzzles here, too, which is why we have continued and written this detailed Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision guide to help you.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision

Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision Guide – How to Open a Red Door

Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision begins immediately after the Odysseus Struggle and offers the task of going to the temple of Apollo, which will be marked by a search mark. When you get to the temple, you will have to fight the gorgon, the common enemy, and the two shield bosses. You can stealthily attack the gorgon when you crawl, skip behind it, and use the appropriate contact button when given the command.

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I recommend going with this route, as it makes the next battle more complex. After you have secretly hit the gorgon, kill the common enemy to get it out of the way, and then work to keep the other enemies at the same time trapped by heavy ax attacks. Once you have killed all your opponents, it will play cutscene. The person you saved will… well, remind them of your bracers for Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision’

Immortal Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision

However, you need to press forward to Oracle. Go inside the temple – the first thing you need to do is stand on the right panel. Unfortunately, you cannot delete the main block because you no longer have your bracers. Next step for Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision is Shoot the arrow in the middle of the flame and look at the illuminated torch, which is only open when you are standing on a circular panel to the right of the room..

This opens the red door at the end of the room. Head to the door to start cutting. After Oracle speaks to you, the thief will retrieve your bracers and you leave the temple. Now that your bracers have been restored, move the large cube from the room in the screenshot above into the panel. Now the foundation will appear – use it to open the Vault of Tartaros, which you can access.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision Guide – How to Complete the One-Eyed Giant Vault Of Tartaros

Now you will start the One-Eyed Giant Challenge for Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision, where you will need to find Aiolos ’Jar. When you reach Tartaros, use the left base to call for three cubes. Push one to the left panel, then two to the right, requiring heavy objects. A series of platforms will flourish, allowing you to advance to the next stage. It’s the same on the floor except that you need to swap the cubes you call around – left to right and vice versa to fit the required weight requirements.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision

On the next platform you will face two gorgons. Take them down one by one and when they are dead, the steps to the next stage will rise. There is a healing thing on the left side of the next platform to increase your health if you take some gorgons.

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Press the base in the next section to make the cube appear on the pillar. You can use your Herakles Bracers with the ability to pull a cube for you. Once you have found the cube, place it on a panel near you, Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision which will cause the platform to pass you by. Drive the platform back to where it came from. On the next platform will be a crate on the right-hand corner, as shown below. Use the power of your bracers to pull it on you and place it on the panel to climb the next platform to the next floor.

Another ball also needs to be directed to a panel, which appears at the top and right of its place inside a similarly enclosed structure. When both panels are set on the ground with large stones, the steps leading up to the next step will be increased for Immortal Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision

Set up platforms and pull the oar. Doors will close behind you and Zeus will interrupt and say, “And bored, a big beast appears,” which calls for large cyclops. Prometheus uses his narrative to shorten it and make it dance, but Zeus doesn’t have it, so obviously he’s going to fight the boss.

Cyclops are easy to deceive to beat. Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision You can point its eye with an Apollo arrow to do decent damage, or else touch the scattered blocks around the battlefield to do more damage and more intimidating. Simple attacks are also decent if you want to focus on escape, but the quickest way to hit cyclops is to throw rocks at it before it throws at you. Also, if it can throw a stone at you, use Herakles bracers to hold it in the middle of the air and kick it back on its head. Before proceeding, cool to the left of the room. Guide the platforms to collect Aiolos ’Jar and your third lightning bolt.

Use this guide to complete Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision, until then happy gaming.