Tips for improving your aim in Valorant!


Valorant is a competitive game where game sense, sound, time, every ability and proper aim counts equally. You can’t just rely on one of these and ignore the others to improve in the game. One of the major problems that new players face in competitive FPS games like Valorant is the ability to aim properly.

Tips for better aim in Valorant

It is not something you inherit but practice everyday well-enough to develop. Once your aim improves, your confidence will increase too and rank up’s are then just a few steps away. In order to achieve a reliable level of aim, you have to follow these sets of rules.

1. Practice aim every day before playing competitive

Jumping right on to a competitive match is never a good idea for both you and your team. It sucks when your aim game is bad and your team loses rounds because of you. So warming up before matches with aim training is always a great idea.

  • You can practice your aim at Valorant’s deathmatch and try to achieve at least 30 kills or more. Play a minimum of 3 deathmatches until you achieve your target.
  • Practice aim and reflexes in Valorant’s aim training zone at The Range. Try to achieve 20 kills at easy, 15 at medium and 8 at hard difficulty. If you achieve these goals and get consistent with it, then increase these numbers to something a little more.
  • Try playing AIM LABS’ Valorant aim training where you will get different exercises and challenges to complete. Playing it for even 30 mins daily as practice will surely improve your aim the most.

valorant aim

2. Get a decent mouse

Gaming gears are expensive I know, but something affordable will work too. If your mouse feels weird or has issues like double-click, not responding, etc. it would be best to change it. Something cheap like Logitech g102 is a great choice but anything similar with the proper build quality and sensors will work too.

3. Get comfortable with your sensitivity

Copying a professional player’s sensitivity or mouse DPI won’t make you go pro. It differs from people to people so it would be best to find yours. This video should help you understand the basics and find what’s comfortable with you. 

Again, in-game mouse sensi differs with mouse DPI, resolution and other factors. Try some variations and look at what suits you best to land headshots and sprays perfectly.

already a valorant pro Moment

4. Be serious about improving

Losing interest or motivation after a few days or after losing a match is one of the biggest reasons behind bad aim. If you practice properly and daily with goals, your aim will improve eventually. Even if the progress seems minor, it is progress. Inconsistency, on the other hand, is also a negative factor in this aspect so try to stick to the plan.

Ending Note

These should be enough to get you going for now as a beginner. The aim is vital in a game like Valorant as it relies heavily on that apart from abilities. Few people often have a problem of allotting time into practice and jump straight to matches thus not improving. I just want to suggest to them that, even if you don’t have much time to invest, there should be a little you can spare.

For example, You have only an hour of playtime and nothing extra for practice. A competitive match lasts for 40 mins on average, so you can practice your aim for 10 mins daily and play a match with 10 more minutes to spare in case of an over-time. And if you have like 30 mins to spare one day then invest that into aim training rather than playing any matches at it would improve your aim in general and a match ending in 30 mins is not an everyday incident.


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