Inscryption: Easy Guide to Use the Useless Bottle!!!

In Inscryption's Act 1, if you want to use the Useless bottle, then have no late to read this article.

Inscryption use useless bottle

If you are Inscryption player, then you will be well aware of Inscryption’s Act 1. Players may get useless item called Failure that may look like a floating face inside a jar which is of bright green goop. If you want to grab this item, then dive deep with us to know more.


Inscryption Act 1 Insider:

In the game, players have to play a deadly card game while they are locked inside of the cabin. There are many items in the indie game which can help the players out during battles, like the Squirrels in Bottle, Hourglasses, and many more. The special part of the game is that, there is a one item which is not explained that can players choose: which is the Failure bottle.

As more information about the Inscryption’s twisted and convoluted story you all will come to know. It seems more and more imperative to begin updating some of the articles to add more details. Nature of failure object and how his character fits into world of the Inscryption is important to the plot. So adding more information about this goopy friend is somewhat important. Playing this game you have to keep these things in mind. New players want to pick up this “unusable” bottle in their first play after learning.

Failure Bottle in Inscryption:

The Failure bottle (useless item) is part of Leshy’s deck-building card game that the players have to partake in. You may only use the items during combat, and each of the items has a different use. Although, Failure Bottle doesn’t seem to have any of the listed uses in the game. It’s page in one of the rulebook just says it can’t be used. If you are a first-time player, then you must have pick this item when it comes up during the backpack item grabs.


If any of the players try to use the bottle in combat, Leshy says, “I am serious. So the players cannot use it.” He has been warning the players this whole time that this item was not unusable. So it should not come as a surprise to anyone when he takes it away, without granting it to the players for any special powers or any help in the combat.

Savvy Bottle of the Goo:

During the last chapters of Inscryption, you can find out who was this person is. For now only, all they can know that it is a person that has been liquefied and is currently hanging out inside one of the bottle. That person appears to be in lot of pain, but that person doesn’t stop him from giving the player hints on how they can proceed. So, once you started playing Inscryption you will discover that it will be a good game you ever found out.


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